Georgia -social entrepreneurship

Project title: Social entrepreneurship in Kakheti - to support Temi community


Estonian Development Cooperation

Project duration: June 2017 – January 2019

Coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare

Partner in Georgia: TEMI community,

Summary of the project
The project aims to promote social entrepreneurship and organic agriculture in Kakheti region.
Our partner is TEMI community –which has been supporting persons with physical and/or mental disabilities and the socially and economically vulnerable in Georgia for over 25 years.
TEMIs ongoing social enterprises include vegetable gardens, field crops, greenhouse, vineyards etc. Now we want to develop organic juice production- to give work for 9
people. In addition, we plan to organise training for small agricultural producers in Kakheti region – on organic food production, sanitary requirements and possibility’s to export to the EU market.

Press release on project final event in Estonian Embassy; 11 January 2019