Project name: 
ER 101 GreenMind: Raising Environmental Awareness in Estonian-Russian Border Area

Funder:  Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme
Total amount of the project is  495 440 euros. The amount of the support of the Estonia-Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2014-2020 is 445 896 euros.

Project Duration
August 2019 - January 2022, 30 months


Lake Peipsi Project - lead partner (RUS)
Псковский областной центр развития одаренных детей и юношества  (RUS)
Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (EST)
Tartu Environmentl Education Center (EST)

Project manager: Margit Säre; margitsare @

The project aims to contribute to increasing of public green minding for the creation of environmentally-oriented, energy-efficient and attractive living conditions and recreation in the transboundary Peipsi/ Chudskoye region. The project capitalizes environmental knowledge and environmental awareness practices in the Programme area develops practical methodological tool-kits for the long-run, educates a substantial number of existing and future environmental education practitioners to work with the project products, and facilitates the establishment of a wider societal context that will secure the sustainability of the project results.

The GreenMind addresses issues of environment protection and sustainable use of natural resources in the transboundary Peipsi/Chudskoye Lake area, through the introduction of intensive environmental awareness and educational measures covering such topics as eutrophication, waste management, and energy efficiency. Project activities are:

  • Public events and environmental campaigns will be held.
  • Educators, children will be trained for multiplying knowledge.
  • Students and families will be involved in green minding process within 2 project contests of social eco-advertisements and “Eco-family”.
  • Outdoor public events' organizers will be trained to organize eco-friendly activities.
  • Program area residents will take a personal and active part in the campaigns.
  • Residents will be informed about the environmental issues raised by the project.
  • Organizations (cafés, supermarkets, petrol stations) will join eco-campaigns and start introducing eco-friendly initiatives.

News and press releases of the project: 

Events of the project:
  • Parters meeting in Tartu 
  • May 2021 - posters for advertising on Lake Peipsi environment were completed.

  • The green summer campaign! (announcement in Estonian)
    Tartu Nature House and MTÜ Peipsi Koostöö Keskus invite all people to take an active part in our campaign and give it a boost. How exactly? You can research The duration of the campaign is 29.07 - 31.08.2021.

  • Partners meeting in Tartu on 30.08.2019. '
  • Educators from the Pskov region in the GreenMind project study trip in Estonia 25-27. November 2019.
  • Project team meeting in Tartu on 25.11.2019.
  • Project steering committee meeting in Tartu on 26.11.2019
  • Project team meeting and environmental education round table in Pskov on 19.12.2019
  • Project team e-meeting in Zoom 10.06.2020
  • Meeting of the Estonian members of the project steering committee in Southern Estonia 3.07.2020
  • Educators of the Pskov region on a study trip to Estonia 25-27.11.2019
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Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation
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