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Peipsi CTC has been organizing Estonian-Russian cross border cooperation conferences - Peipsi and Narva Forums since 1997.

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BORDERS, REGIONS, NEIGHBOURHOODS conference and Estonian-Russian cross border cooperation Policy Forum, 27-28 November  2015 in Tartu and Värska

The conference investigates the manifold consequences of increasing cross-border interaction for the development of regions at the EU’s external borders and discusses about challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials as exemplified by different borderlands. The programme includes lectures and discussions on Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean regionalism,  immigration, cultural integrity and memory politics. There will be several presentations on the events in Ukraine, as well as on the topics of democratisation and the challenges for the European Union with respect to the conflict in particular. There is a panel dedicated to the political implications of recent sport events such as the Winter Olympics in Sochi and the International Ice-hockey Championship in Belarus. 

On the second day field trip to the Estonian-Russian border region Southern part will be organised, with the meetings an policy forum with local stakeholder in Setomaa region.

The conference is supported from EU FP7 “EUBORDERREGIONS” project,  K.Adenauer Foundation, ALDA - The European Association for Local Democracy.

; Estonian-Russian stakeholder conference/ Narva Forum takes place on November 27-28, in Narva, Estonia
Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and Narva College of the University of Tartul organized “Narva Forum” on Estonian-Russian cross border cooperation on 27-28 November, in the Estonian border town of Narva.
Narva Forum/ Peipsi Forum is traditionally organized at the end of each year to bring together experts and stakeholders from Estonian and Russian border areas and EU experts to exchange views on experiences and to deliberate on the future of transboundary cooperation in the region. Forums have taken place already 10 times, both on the Estonian side – Tartu, the Russian side – Pskov, and this year in Narva.
This week more than sixty cross border cooperation experts and stakeholders from Estonia, Russia and also Norway meet in Narva. Forum themes are devoted to common challenges for environmental and sustainable tourism issues, to cross border educational and scientific cooperation.  Several successful projects, financed by the EstLatRus CBC program, are presented, for example, the environmental education project “People with Nature”, the Narva-Ivangorod common heritage and tourism development project “EstRusFortress Tour” or the water management and water transport related project “Economically and environmentally sustainable Lake Peipsi”. In addition, the first results on cross border regions sociological study, conducted within EU FP7 funded project “EUBRDERREGION”, will be introduced. 

-   28 november 2012, in  Pskov
 -  24. novembril 2011 Tartus    
-   13.-14. december 2010 Pskov
 -   2.-3. detsembril 2009 Tartu