Role-play games for the environmental awareness

Project name:
Building capacity to use role-play games in Peipsi Lake border region as a new tool for increasing the environmental awareness in education

Nordic Council of Ministers NGO Baltic Sea Region program

01.10.2019 - 31.08.2020

Project manager:
Ederi Ojasoo  
00372 56 636 264

The aim of the project is to improve the tools in environmental education that help develop a gradually more environmentally sustainable society to stop climate change.

The main result of the project for the target group is the creation of a network for future cooperation to share experiences for use of role-play games in Estonia and in the Lake Peipsi border region. The practical result will be the report developed during the project. The report gives practical steps and actions to adapt LARP in environmental awareness education connected to the formal and nonformal curriculum in Estonia. Also, the idea to develop the environmental LARP portal will be presented in that report.

  • To organize an international LARP seminar to exchange the experience on using practices and methods.
  • Compile a report of LARP use in Nordic countries and recommendations to increase the capacity to use role-play games in Peipsi Lake border region in environmental awareness.
  • To test the report idea, environmental LARPs will be tested at 2 Estonian and 2 Russian schools (all in Lake Peipsi region) Result.
  • Study-visit to Sweden to introduce the LARP use informal and nonformal education.
  • Promotion of LARP methodology, community strengthening and Facebook networking. Project website and videos will be created. 

Project events:
  • 6th October 2019  Project working meeting to develop the report of practical steps and actions.