Georgia -social entrepreneurship

Project title:

Development of organic farming and social entreprenurship - TEMI community


Estonian Development Cooperation

Project duration: August 2019-December 2020

Coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare

Partner in Georgia: TEMI community,

The project aims to develop social entrepreneurship and organic farming in the Kakheti area; which contributes to the development of a cohesive society in Georgia. Our partner is the charitable association TEMI, which has been supporting persons with physical and/or mental disabilities and the socially and economically vulnerable in Georgia for over 25 years.  TEMIs' ongoing social enterprises include vegetable gardens, field crops, greenhouse, vineyards etc.

Supported by Estonian expertise: sustainable irrigation systems and organic agricultural production and marketing will be developed in TEMI, to increase community income from entrepreneurship. Trainings with other (starting) organic producers on national/ EU standards are organized as well as organic producers network and marketing will be developed.

Phase 1: June 2017 – January 2019
During the project 1st phase we orrganised trainings for small agricultural producers in Kakheti region – on organic food production, sanitary requirements and possibilitys to export to the EU market. We purchased equipment and started organic juice production. During the first season in 2018/2019 around 1700 bottles of apple, grape and pomegranate juice was produced and marketed.
Press release on project final event in Estonian Embassy; 11 January 2019