Larp For Climate

Project name: Larp For Climate - adaptation of edu-larp methodology to learning agenda for climate literacy

Erasmus +

March 2022 - August 2024

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Project manage :
Ederi Ojasoo,
Larpifiers AMKE Greece
Alibier AS Norway Oslo

Aim of the project
The main idea of this Project is to open up connections which were previously not available for the partners and their target groups. The LARP (Live Action Role Playing) societies in Europe are practically divided into North and South, with Nordic countries being much more influential and well-established, and Southern Countries being under-developed and less recognized. This situation was, for example, discussed internationally during Portal Larp Convention in Zagreb, March 2020, where members of Nausika Foundation were included as Speakers. However, Southern Larp designers are not less creative or innovative, they have a lot of potential, they just lack the access to the Nordic Larp society (also due to economical reasons). This Project will open up the North-South axis and the flow of good practices, game scenarios and also people, who will meet in person to design and implement educational games together. It will initiate more collaborations and connections than just within the 4 partners of this Project, because they will meet with other international partners of each of the Project organization (for example, the Nordic participants will be invited to the southern Portal Larp Convention and the Sothern participants will be invited to the Nordic Knutepunkt larp conference). Another goal of this Project is to implement the tool of EDU-LARP in the fight against Climate Change and for the Climate Literacy. This has been done only few times by other organizations, and never on a larger scale, including partners from such wide area as from Norway to Greece. The Erasmus+ Cooperation will enable the values for which the partners work to be spread in the international level. It will also raise up the level of the LARP games created by each organization - all 4 partners will work together on all 4 LARP ToolKits, so that the common knowledge and expertise will be the basis of all the Games created within the Project.

Planned activities 

Each of the Partners of this project has started creation and implementation of Edu-Larp Methodology to Climate Education within last few years, but these were small and local initiatives. We want to boost the capacity of our previous actions, connect our strength, expertise and operating range, establish a lasting cooperation on the European level. More to that, we want to focus the attention of the European larp communities on the environmental issues and socially engaged educational games. Larp - Live Action Role Playing - Games are highly practical, emotional and transformative. We believe that they should be used not only for fun (although fun is actually what drives the players to learn), but also for the transformation of the attitudes and mobilization to act.

The unique character of Larp For Climate Project lies in close participation with the young activists themselves, who will take active part in the creation of the Games. We want to break the traditional gap between older people teaching and younger people learning. This is not a new thing for us, as the decisive members of all our organizations have personally participated in various manifestations and strikes organized by high-school students (Fridays For Future, Extinction Rebellion) - and we have learned a lot from them. We also have personal access to these Movements, which will let our Games enter the society of climate activists from the inside and launch a cascade process of non-formal learning which will last and spread father than our own reaches.

 The educational impact of our proposed Games can be summarized into the competence of Climate Literacy. We don't want to make the player memorize particular information about the environmental issues. Instead, we want them to train the skill of critical thinking about the environmental issues and resilience to greenwashing manipulation. Later, the players will be able to judge the facts more clearly by themselves.

1. Launching the work (November 2021 - December 2021) T

The Project will start in November 2021. We will meet online to prepare the documents and arrange the first in-person meeting - “Kick-Off” TPM #1 in December 2021. There, besides getting the management matters done, we will launch the process of creation. Each partner will share their ideas about the Environmental Edu-Larp game which they would like to develop within the Larp For Climate project. Digital tools will be arranged to enable all Partners to work together on all of the Games.

 2. Creation of Environmental Edu-Larp Games (January 2022 - February 2023)

The creation process will last 14 months, including 110 working days of Researchers (game-designers and environmental specialists), Technicians (graphic-designers and programmers) and Youth-workers (local educational animators and organizers of the test runs of the Games). The Researchers from partner organizations will interchange (via digital tools) between the countries, maximizing the diversity of professional design ideas and innovations for each of the Games.

3. Multiplication, Implementation and Promotion of the Results (March 2023 - October 2023)

Each of the 4 Games will be organized and played in-person by each of 4 Partners locally in their own country, which gives a number of 16 Events for the total of at least 240 representatives of: NGOs and teaching institutions, public institutions, universities, high-schools, environmental movements, informal groups of activists, newspapers, radios, webportals, Erasmus+ National Agencies, Youth-Salto Network and other European institutions (Multiplier Event #1-4).

4. Launching the international cooperation (November 2023 - December 2023)

In addition to wrapping up and evaluating the Larp For Climate Project, we want to go one step further into its international sustainability. Based on the extensive promotion done within the previous phase, we want to launch a cascade process of bottom-up non-formal learning, arranged by the collaboration of young climate activists and environmental movements with Edu-Larp designers, NGOs and teaching institutions. It should contribute to the fight with climate change by providing and implementing at a larger scale the in-person tools and good practices of digital youth work for raising the competence of Climate Literacy among young Europeans. 


4 Edu-Larp scenarios with toolkit for non-larp youth-workers, activists and educators 

  • IO-1 - "The Golden Sun" - a cognitive Edu-Larp which challenges the players to find the way out of a manipulative climate-denialist press agency
  • IO-2 - "SolarPunk" - a transformative Edu-larp travel to the world of climate justice, renewable energy and environmentally mature society
  • IO-3 - "The Tragedy of Commons" - a strategic Edu-Larp with educational twist exposing the dark side of the principle of common good
  • IO-4 - "Survivors" - a highly immersive post-apocalyptic Edu-Larp focused on experiencing the results of climate change in fictional future


“Larp For Climate Project, co-founded by the European Union, Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in Youth.”