Lakesperinece project 3rd Workshop on Lake Peipsi area culinary products

14 March: Lakesperinece project 3rd workshop, aiming to develop new tourism routes and products for visitors of Lake Peipsi region. This time our focus was on Lake Peipsi culinary products.

In Lakesperience project 4 lake pregions work together: besides Lake  Peipsi also Pyhäjärvi- Näsijärvi from Finland;  Åsunden, Järnlunden, Stora Rängen Lake region from Sweden, and  Lake Burtnieki from Latvia be introduced.

The project is supported by Interreg Central Baltic Program and  co-financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and National Foundation of Civil Society.

We start a new Estonian-Russian CBC project to raise awareness about joint cultural and natural heritage  of Lake Peipsi-Pskov area.
New Estonia-Russia cross border cooperation project on Cultural and Natural Heritage of the Lake Peipsi/Chudskoe-Pskovskoe region

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