SAME World project will be presented during a press conference at Expo Milano, 20 October 2015

19. октября 2015

13 European NGOs, including Peipsi Center for Transboundry Cooperation, joined together in Europe Aid project, in order to work with migration, climate change and environmental justice issues.

We live in a same world. And we must take care of it all together. This is the main goal of the project SAME World, realized by 13 European NGOs and 12 associated organizations in order to shine a light on a theme which is currently a hot topic: the relationship between migrations and climate changes.

The project will be presented during a press conference on Tuesday 20th October at Expo Milano 2015, in Cascina Triulza, the exhibition area dedicated to the Civil Society. 

SAME World ( is a European-wide project – realized during the European Year of Development 2015 - whose aim is to involve students and teachers in building a new awareness on the relationship between poverty and environmental damages.

Wars, overexploitation of natural resources, deforestations, drought: these problems are directly linked to the current model of development, which has a serious impact on the weakest areas of the world, forcing people to move abroad looking for better living conditions.

The safeguard of natural resources, the adoption of sustainable development policies, the struggle against poverty and a fairer distribution of wealth: all of these concrete actions represent an effective way to involve governments and citizens in building a new model of development, based on environmental justice.

The first step is investing in education:  project partners will create an educational kit for students and teachers, which includes topics on environmental justice, environmental migrants and climate change.

One of the main goals of the project SAME World is to involve actively citizenship and students: sensitization campaigns and educational activities will be organized in the schools.

In addition, virtual education platform, mutual learning sessions, European student camping etc. will be implemented.

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