Лучшая работа эстонско-российского конкурса экологической рекламы «GreenMind» - нимационный фильм «Хьюго и Мона»

Лучшая работа эстонско-российского конкурса экологической рекламы «GreenMind» - созданный Элисон Мура и Марикой Риситмяэ анимационный фильм «Хьюго и Мона», привлекающий внимание людей к загрязнени...

22. апреля 2021

Выполнено 3 экологических ролевых игры.

Выполнено 3 экологических ролевых игры. 

01. октября 2020

Как играть в игру Солнечный панк.

Видео-презентация ролевой игры «Солнечный панк». Это учебная LARP для 7-12 классов продолжительностью 2 школьных урока. Игра будет увлекательной и для родителей.

29. сентября 2020

Новый проект в рамках развития эстонско-российский трансграничного сотрудничества, направленный на поддержку культурного и природного наследия региона Чудского озера

14. апреля 2019

Study presented on Estonian-Latvian border region inhabitants readiness for a joint cross-border municipality; February 26th in Valga/Valka twin city.

26. февраля 2019

Peipsi region tourism enterpreneurs are developing products for German tourism market

Workshops in January and February will focus on the creation of three new routes for visitors of Lake Peipsi region. The focus is foremost on German tourists. The issues and challenges of services ...

14. февраля 2019

Development cooperation project “Social entrepreneurship in Kakheti - to support Temi community” presentation in Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi, January 11

Our social entrepreneurship and organic agriculture development project in Kakheti region has come to an end. On January 11 social entrepreneurs, diplomats, representatives of national institutions...

07. января 2019

Christmas-time hike along the old-believers' village near Lake Peipsi

On the second Christmas Day, December 26, more than 30 people walked 7 km along the old-believers' street village from Mustvee to Kasepää

27. декабря 2018

Lakesperience project kick- off focuses onto German tourism market possibilities

Today, November 29, at the Peipsi Development Forum in Võnnu, the newly completed Peipsi Development Strategy 2019-2030 will be explored and the possibilities of the German tourism market is on foc...

29. ноября 2018

Valga/Valka Cross border cooperation seminar, supported by EPICAH project

31. октября 2018

Be-Eu Better Europe  project meeting in Tartu

05. октября 2018

EPICAH project seminar in Tokaji report  discusses how to improve the policy instruments for cross-border cooperation process in the natural and cultural heritage protection.

The EPICAH project thematic seminar in Tokaji on 25 September region focused to discussion how to improve the policy instruments for cross-border cooperation process in the natural and cultura...

01. октября 2018

Interreg Europe EPICAH project thematic seminar and field trip to Tokaji region, Hungary

24. сентября 2018

Orienteering game "Key to a better life vol2" gives inspiration about sustainable choices

Tomorrow, on 25th of October from 3PM to 8PM an orienteering game "Key to a better life vol2" takes place in Tartu

24. сентября 2018

Seminar on local water governance in Eastern Partnership countries, in Moldova 

11. сентября 2018

BIG online open course: European Borders without Walls: What Can the World Learn from EU Border and Immigration Policies?

31. августа 2018

EPICAH project joint report "How is being enhanced the border effect in the protection and development of natural and cultural cross-border heritage in Europe"

27. июля 2018

Friendly Cities project partner visit to Kaliningrad, to learn about the experiences  of PwD organisations and best practices on accessibility to culture/ nature objects 

15. июля 2018

Opening of the environmental education path for visually impaired people in Minsk Botanical Garden , 17 June

10. июня 2018

 EPICAH team had focus group meeting in Estonian-Latvian twin city Valga-Valka.

08. июня 2018

Interreg Europe EPICAH project thematic seminar and field trip to Greece West-Macedonia border regions

07. июня 2018

SISUMMA project has come to an end

01. июня 2018

Friendly cities project: Opening of the recreation zone for children with disabilities in Ermolino village, Novogorod 

25. мая 2018

ECOLIT project economic literature related adult learning material "Future 4.0" has been completed.

18. мая 2018

Today we are in Mooste village to support sustainable and recycling friendly lifestyle!

06. мая 2018

Epicah project meeting in Spanish-Portugese borderland, 17-18 April 2018

18. апреля 2018

Lakespereince project kick off meeting in Tampere

 Peipsi Center for Tranboundary Cooperations participates in Interreg Central Baltic project "Lakesperience -  Explore the Nordic-Baltic lakes". On26-27 March 2018 project kick off meetin...

26. марта 2018

Seminar in Minsk on environmental education and accessibility to visually impaired people

20-21 March: In cooperation with our Belarus partners seminar on environmental education and accessibility to visually impaired people is organised.Project aims to improve the quality of life ...

19. марта 2018

New videos on environmental injustice: cases of oil shale mining in Estonia

Two new videos on the impacts of the extraction of oil shale in Ida-Viru County (Estonia) are available to all interested parties. With the support of SAME World project, these environmental inju...

06. марта 2018

Last meeting of the ECOLIT project,  Berlin on February 16.

18. февраля 2018

Lakesperience project started in cooperation with  partners from Finnish, Swedish, Latvian and Estonian four lake regions

14. февраля 2018

Peipsi CTC introduces our environmental and global education programs and materials at INTELLEKTIKA fair, in Tartu

09. февраля 2018

Estonia-Latvia twin towns  Valga / Valka celebrated 10th anniversary for joining Schengen area

21. декабря 2017

Student videos on tolerance, diversity and acceptance of minorities in Mustvee School

20. декабря 2017

Peipsi Forum XI in Pskov, Russia; 18 December.

18. декабря 2017

Erasmus+  project „Mind-opening to Economy. Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy“ (ECOLIT) seminar in Tartu, 7-11 November

11. ноября 2017

SameWorld methods and study materials were promoted in environmental education conference in Estonia

Climate change was the main topic of annual environmental education conference in Estonia on the 25th-26th of October 2017. Conference was organized by Estonian Environmental Board and Ministry of ...

30. октября 2017

Friendly Cities project filed trip 2-6 October 2017 to Düsseldorf, Germany

01. октября 2017

Seminar “East and West: Civil Societies in Cooperation” takes place in Tartu, Estonia, 28-29 September 2017 

28. сентября 2017

Prsesentation at 9th World Environmental Education Congress in Vancouver

09. сентября 2017

REMEDY project “The Voices From the Past – Recalling Memories in Diversity”seminar in Tartu; 6-7 September 2017

06. сентября 2017

Participate in a seminar "East and West: Civil Societies in Cooperation"; 28-29 september in Tartu

27. августа 2017

REMEDY project National Workshop; 23 August in Tartu

23. августа 2017

Belarusians learn about Estonian experience on environmental education for people with disabilities

20. августа 2017

CLOE project seminar "European Citizenship and Participation to Fight Euroscepticism", in Sicily

28. июня 2017

Estonian rural entrepreneurs in Kamarova summer fair and roundtable (Belarus)

16. июня 2017

27 May; EPICAH project team participated at cultural heritage day in the Koiva-Gauja heritage culture and conservation area

27. мая 2017

EaP Conference Call for Participation Applications is Now Open!

10. мая 2017

Open debate club as a part of REMEDY project

04. мая 2017

Come with us for Climate Breakfast,  April 29, in Tartu central park

27. апреля 2017

Students present their video clips on migration and refugees in Europe and in Estonia; 18 April in Tartu, Estonia

18. апреля 2017

Public discusssion on climate change and food

12. апреля 2017

Peipsi CTC hosts Myanmar NGOs

09. апреля 2017

Today we had Blended Course final session on climate refugees, in Tartu.

20. марта 2017

Environmental Justice workshop in Tartu Nature House

07. марта 2017

Interreg Europe project "Effectiveness of Policy Instruments for Cross Border Advancement in Heritage – EPICAH" kick off meeting

15. февраля 2017

Seminar for students on migration and refugees in Europe and Estonia; in Tartu University

7 February: SISUMMA project seminar for students in Tartu

07. февраля 2017

Infosheet "Migration. Facts and trends in the world and in Estonia"

31. января 2017

REMEDY project seminar in Krakow to discuss the issues of awareness of totalitarian regimes among the youth and the importance of intercultural dialogue when it comes to history.

27. января 2017

Friendly cities project Newsletter No.2

27. декабря 2016

Local food and handicraft market in Kamarova, Belarus

17. декабря 2016

Global education weeks in Lake Peipsi region schools

In October and November global education weeks are organized in several Lake Peipsi region schools.Schools organise fair trade cafe, discussion and film programs on sustainable production/consumpti...

27. октября 2016

Kick off meeting of the project "SISUMMA - European Social Initiative of Support to Minorities through Media Activism", 4-6 October in Granada

06. октября 2016

"Friendly cities" project field trip to Estonia and Sweden

13. сентября 2016

Kick off seminar of our new project in Belarus, focusing social- and women entreprenurship in Narach rural communities

07. сентября 2016

SAME World project international seminar, 26-27 October 2016, in Tartu

20. августа 2016

Peipsi CTC starts a new project in Belarus, on women and  rural entrepreneurship

16. августа 2016

Tender "Development of the Manual on Accessible Urban Green Areas"

25. июля 2016

Pamiri women develop marketing of their handicraft products

16. июня 2016

Check out our SAME World project Educational kit on global education, prepared in cooperation with dozen European partners.

14. мая 2016

Launch of the project "Project incubator: the Support to CSO Incubation Centre for Local Burmese NGOs of Chin State in Myanmar"

The project addresses the problem of insufficient competence and fundraising skills among Chin State’s CSOs, lack of their institutional capacity and network as well as lack of experiences and oppo...

08. мая 2016

Summary of the project report "Development methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters"

04. мая 2016

Do you know, what was the carbon footprint of your breakfast? To introduce, how climate change and food production are interconnected, we organised “Climate breakfast” educational program for primary school children in Tartu .

15. апреля 2016

Peipsi CTC starts a new Estonian-Russian cross border cooperation project " Friendly Cities: Accessible Natural and Cultural Urban Environment for People with Disabilities" 

The project works to assess the accessibility of natural and cultural facilities (mainly public parks and museums) and services for the ne...

11. марта 2016

Peipsi CTC was awarded for supporting Räpina and Pechory cross border school cooperation

12. февраля 2016

Today is World Wetlands Day.

02. февраля 2016

Today we organized workshop on "Climate Change and Agricultural Production" , where children had also task to plant seeds.

19. января 2016

Project "Development of methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters" final seminar, 24. November in Tartu

24. ноября 2015

8 November - Tajik evening in Tartu

06. ноября 2015

Article about our community development project in Tajikistan

03. ноября 2015

Weekly challenge - stronger than habit. Try to be a better friend to the world for a week.

30. октября 2015

SAME World project will be presented during a press conference at Expo Milano, 20 October 2015

13 European NGOs, including Peipsi Center for Transboundry Cooperation, joined together in Europe Aid project, in order to work with migration, climate change and environmental justice issues.

19. октября 2015

Study visit of Pamir craft entrepreneurs to Estonia. Exhibition and sale of Pamir handicraft in Telliskivi Creative City from 15 to 18 August.


13. августа 2015

Working group of the Estonian-Russian Joint Commission on the Protection and Sustainable Use of Transboundary Waters meets in Pskov,Russia; June 29-30, 2015.

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre is presented in the work of the Working Group on Integrated Water Resources Management of the Commission

29. июня 2015

Project SAME World - SUSTAINABILITY. AWARENESS. MOBILIZATION. ENVIRONMENT in the Global Education for EYD 2015 - is social.

28. июня 2015

Peipsi CTC project manager Aija Kosk presentation at conference "Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services"; 27-28 May in Trondheim, Norway.

26. мая 2015

Peipsi CTC introduces our Tajikistan project in the seminar, organized by Estonian School of Diplomacy

14. мая 2015

Project "Development of methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters" partners study tour to Trondheim, Norway; April 26-29, 2015.

26. апреля 2015

Peipsi CTC introduces our environmental education projects in Central Asia, East Europe and South Caucasus countries, at international conference in Tallinn

22. апреля 2015

22 March is World Water Day. Peipsi CTC celebrates it in Mustvee and Räpina Gymnasiums and together with our Moldovan partners in Dniester region schools

21. марта 2015

Pamir festival and final meeting of the project "Natural products of Pamir and traditional herbal medicine – the way to promote local economy and women enterpreneurship in Tajikistan"

15. марта 2015

Peipsi CTC participates in the project S.A.M.E. WORLD – Sustainability.Awareness.Mobilization.Environment in the Global Education for EYD 2015.

The project kick off meeting takes place 11-3 March, in Rome.

12. марта 2015

EUBORDERREGIONS project comes to an end. Final conference will take place February 20-21, 2015; in Istanbul

Peipsi CTC will present its Estonian-Russian case study results and main outcomes of Communication work package, we are leading.

18. февраля 2015

Support for Peipsi region Family Day

Encouraged from the success of organizing Family Day on passed year, Peipsi CTC is collecting donations for  the Peipsi region Family Day, which will be organised for the families wi...

10. декабря 2014

BORDERS, REGIONS, NEIGHBOURHOODS conference and Estonian-Russian cross border cooperation Policy Forum, 27-28 November in Tartu

25. ноября 2014

Peipsi CTC is represented at Living Lakes network meeting and Conference “Lakes in densely populated regions - Balance between people and nature”; November 18-24, 2014 in Nanchang, China

17. ноября 2014

Five environmental education specialists from Georgia, Javakhethi region region schools and NGOs visit Estonia, during 18-22 September.

18. сентября 2014

Opening seminar of the project "Development of methods for assessment and mapping of ecosystem services of marine and inland waters"; 30 sept in Tallinn

15. сентября 2014

Final event of the project "Development of Armenian environmental education – for improved biodiveristy"; 12 September, in Yerevan

10. сентября 2014

Moldovan environmental education specialists visit Estonia; 25-29 August 2014

19. августа 2014

The international EUBORDERREGIONS Conference will take place in Tartu from 27 – 28 November 2014

Conference is jointly organised by Peipsi CTC,  EUBORDERREGIONS consortium, and the Centre for EU-Russia Studies (CEURUS) at the University of Tartu.

30. июня 2014

Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment appeal to UNEP - "Protect Lake Sevan in Armenia"

Peipsi CTC partner in Armenia - Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment appeal - is collecting signatures for the letter, to be sent to UNEP, in order to protest on recent Armen...

07. мая 2014

Premier of documentary film "On the Eastern Border" in Estonian national TV

Estonian national TV shows today, on the 10th of April documentary film "On the Eastern Border", which was prepared within EU FP7 project EUBORDERREGIONS.

10. апреля 2014

Newsletter about project "People with Nature" activities available

Estonian-Latvian-Russian joint project "People with Nature" has issued newsletter. Readers can get an overview of the different activities in the field of environmental education here

31. марта 2014

Documentary film (2014) "On the Eastern border" about the life in the Estonian-Russian border region

The film was produced within the EU FP7 EUBORDEREGGION project

21. марта 2014

Call for papers for conference "BORDERS, REGIONS, NEIGHBORHOODS: Interactions and experiences at EU external frontiers"; 27-28 November 2014, Tartu, Estonia

The conference is organized by Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation (as EUBORDERREGION consortium member) and the Centre for EU-Russia Studies at the University of Tartu

21. марта 2014

Seminar for teachers on outdoor environmental education; March 19 and 20 in Yerevan

Seminar takes place as one of the Peipsi CTC development cooperation project  "Development of Armenian environmental education – for improved  biodiveristy" activities.

17. марта 2014

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation wishes You Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

19. декабря 2013

Support for Peipsi region Family Day

Peipsi CTC is collecting donations for  the Peipsi region Family Day, which will be organised for the families with low income, who live in Mustvee and Kasepää municipality. Family day events ...

18. декабря 2013

Have a look to the Peipsi CTC activities during last 20 years, in photos

01. декабря 2013

Peipsi Forum XI/Narva Forum takes place in cooperation with University of Tartu Narva Colleg; 28 November in Narva

26. ноября 2013

Green management seminar "Urban Forestry in Transition" in Tartu

19. октября 2013

Peipsi CTC attends Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, 4-5 October in Chisinau

04. октября 2013

International Conference “Transboundary Dniester River Basin Management in Frames of a New River Basin Treaty” will held in Chisinau on September 20-21.

16. сентября 2013

International seminar „Planning of Urban Environment” was held in Rezekne on 22-23 August

27. августа 2013

International Network Living Lakes celebrates its 15th anniversary. Lake Peipsi/Lake Võrtsjärv were accepted as double members of this international partnership in 2003.

12. июня 2013

University of Tartu, in cooperation with Peipsi CTC and Tbilisi State University are organising International Summer School on cross border cooperation, in Georgia

10. июня 2013

2nd study trip to Tampere brought bright ideas to green management specialists

On the beginning of June 2013 Peipsi CTC organized second Greenman projects study trip to Tampere. This times study trip concentrated mainly to Finnish experience of Green GIS and to whitnessing th...

07. июня 2013

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre will give a lecture at international conference "Borders, Cooperation and Regional Conflict in Post-Soviet Contexts: Between Integration and Disintegration?”; to be held 28-30 April, in Tbilisi, Georgia

26. апреля 2013

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre will give a lecture in Tartu University, on Estonian-Russian border region socio-economic development.

The lecture is a part of intensive international study program " “Bordering perspectives and processes in everyday life at the EU’s external frontiers” .

17. апреля 2013

Peipsi CTC coordinator will participate in "Greenman" project Steering Committee and Staff Meeting in Rezekne on 18.-19. April

17. апреля 2013

Peipsi CTC project assistent Sirje Tamm will attend XI Baltic Sea NGO Forum, in Saint-Petersburg, on April 16-17

15. апреля 2013

The World Day and World Water Days will be organized in Räpina and Mustvee gymnasiums, during 11-15 March.

27. февраля 2013

International workshop "Green management system development and methods of urban green areas inventory", took place in Pskov, on 7-8 February

10. февраля 2013

Peipsi CTC, together with Tampere City Government specialists, organised a study trip to Tampere, on 12.-14. December.

13. декабря 2012

GreenMan project seminar "Urban Landscape design" took place in Pskov on 28.-30. November.

On seminar Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation represented printing warm calendar about Tartu, Rezekne and Pskov green areas.

13. декабря 2012

Peipsi CTC project manager will make a presentation at border research confernence BRIT XII “Border Regions in Transition”, to take place November 13-16, in Fukuoka/ Busan

13. ноября 2012

Latvian, Russian and Estonian colleagues were invited to collect Estonian pearls of environmental education field

21 Russian, Latvian and Estonian nature centres’ specialists participated in five days study trip to Estonian nature education centres from 25th till 29th of September. The aims of the trip were ...

08. октября 2012

Celebration of European Cooperation Day in the Narva-Ivangorod border area

24. сентября 2012

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation celebrates European Cooperation Day

On 21 September, European Cooperation Day will be celebrated all over Europe and in neighbouring countries 

21. сентября 2012

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation organized international seminar "Environmant Management in Urban Areas" on 12.-13. September 2012 in Tartu .

Seminar participators were specialists and other stakeholders from Estonian, Latvian and Russian border areas biggest cities - Tartu, Rezekne and Pskov.

18. сентября 2012

Peipsi CTC project manager attend the Conference «Cross-border Cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway», September 6-7, in Pskov.

31. августа 2012

VII Cross border Cooperation Summer School 13-17 August 2012.

07. августа 2012

Project „Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising” has been kicked off

Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme  project „Promoting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising" (the short name of the project – “People with natur...

05. июля 2012

Working group of the Estonian-Russian Joint Commission on the Protection and Sustainable Use of Transboundary Waters meets in Tallinn, June 26-28

27. июня 2012

Peipsi CTC began with two Estonia – Latvia – Russia cross border cooperation programme projects.

Greenman got fundation in May and People with Nature in April 2012.

14. июня 2012

Peipsi CTC is organizing World Day Festivals in Lake Peipsi communities

01. июня 2012

A new Estonia – Latvia – Russia cross border cooperation project for development of nature education started

27. мая 2012

EUBORDERREGIONS project Workshop III, takes place in Budapest, 9-12 May, organized by project Hungarian partner - TÁRKI Social Research Institute.

09. мая 2012

Launch of the “GreenMan” ENPI cross-border cooperation project

On May 1, 2012, the “GreenMan” project (full name - “ Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals”) has been started with the financial ...

07. мая 2012

Peipsi CTC signed a contract for new EE-LV-RU joint project "Greenman" - focusing on green management for urban development

09. апреля 2012

EUBORDERREGIONS Working Paper: Laboratories of European integration: city-twinning in Northern Europe‏

The present work by Pertti Joenniemi and Alexander Sergunin approaches the question of cohesion and cross-border co-operation in Europe through the lens of local actors – of communities. 

26. марта 2012

Estonian-Russian-German cooperation project “Hanseatic Cities: Revived Historical Links for Modern Culture Management” final conference in Pskov, Russia; February 9-10, 2012

07. февраля 2012

Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation wishes you Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

24. декабря 2011

New publication on transboundary water management in ECCAA countries

At the end of November 2011 Peipsi CTC presented a new collection of articles - "Transboundary Water Management in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Role of NGOs in promoting Integra...

07. декабря 2011

IX Peipsi Forum takes place on November 23-24, in Tartu

The traditionally organized at the end of each year, Peipsi Forum on transboundary cooperation, brings this week more than sixty experts and stakeholders from Estonia, Russia, Germany, Moldova and ...

20. ноября 2011

Ukrainian water specialists from Danube delta region visit Estonia on 21-25 November

The study visit takes place within the project “Working together for integrated management of water resources in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta Sub-basin”, implemented by Peipsi CTC and our...

16. ноября 2011

EUBORDERREGIONS project Workshop II, takes place in Vienna, 21-22 October, organized by project Austrian partner -Institute for Advanced Studies.

19. октября 2011

Peipsi CTC is teaching project management course in Tallinn University of Technology, Tartu College

04. октября 2011

Today the 7th Ministerial Conference “Environment for Europe” opens in Astana

21. сентября 2011

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre participates with presentation at EU-China Civil Society Dialogue conference on Industrial Pollution and Environmental Health; on 2-25 Aug, Guangzhou, China

23. августа 2011

Summer school “Transboundary water management and sustainable development in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia” takes place on 14-18 Aug. and brings together about 30 experts from EECCA countries

10. августа 2011

Russian Hanseatic cities cultural managers visited Tartu Hanseatic days and 48th Europeade festival

24. июля 2011

20-23 July; delegation of Russian Hanseatic cities cultural managers (from Pskov, Novgorod, Belozersk) visits Tartu Hanseatic days and Europeade festival.

18. июля 2011

EUBORDERREGIONS project 1st newsletter is ready

10. июля 2011

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation participates in pan-European tourism project SLOW TOUR. If you have visited Lake Peipsi last year, please fill in the questionnaire at: http://cstt.nl/slow_tour_1.html

16. июня 2011

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre was selected as a council member of the Estonian Roundtable for the Development Cooperation

14. июня 2011

Peipsi CTC project manager Margit Säre participates as an observer of Moldova general local elections.

01. июня 2011

Report on Lake Peipsi fishing communities has been completed, with the participation of Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation.

In 2010 European Commission has ordered to conduct a study   on the assessment of the status, development and diversification of fisheries-dependent communities in 24 locations ...

25. мая 2011

Peipsi CTC participates in SLOW TOUR project

" SLOW TOUR -Sustainable Lake Oriented Walking TOURism in Europe" project aims at analysing, collecting and listing good practices, certification procedures and network experiences for to...

06. мая 2011

INVITATION: Summer school on Transboundary water management, 14-18 August 2011

Hereby we would like to invite you to participate in the international summer school “Transboundary water management and sustainable development in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA)...

28. апреля 2011

23-24 March an international seminar “ New Hansa: Opportunities, Challenges and Prospects for Russian Cities” took place in Pskov, Russia

The seminar is a part of a larger project, which aims to establish a practical dialogue and exchange experiences between the Russian Hanseatic cities  and European Hanseatic cities (Tartu, Ros...

25. марта 2011

22 March is World Water Day, with the main theme of 2011 “Water for cities”

International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March, to focus international attention on the importance of freshwater.

22. марта 2011

A memorandum of understanding concerning Estonian-Russian cross-border and regional cooperation

A memorandum of understanding concerning cross-border and regional cooperation was signed by Estonian Minister for Regional Affairs Siim Kiisler and Russia's Minister for Regional Development, Vikt...

18. февраля 2011

Peipsi CTC participates in a FP7 research project EUBORDERREGIONS

EUBORDERRREGIONS is a 4 years project, with objective to identify challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials in 9 different borderlands ...

17. февраля 2011

Peipsi Forum VIII; 13-14 December, in Pskov

On December 13-14, it is already the 8th occasion for the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and its partner Chudskoe Project, to organise Peipsi Forum. The traditionally organized at...

22. ноября 2010

Workshop on twin cities and border identities, in Narva-Jõesuu

03. ноября 2010

Peipsi CTC started new project on cooperation between Hanseatic cities

Peipsi CTC started a project “ Hanseatic Cities: Revived Historical Links for Modern Culture Management”. The project aims to establish a practical cooperation platform between the Russian Hansea...

03. октября 2010

INVITATION: CBC Summer Academy in Värska, Estonia, 22-27 August, 2010

We would hearby like to invite you to the international summer academy entitled “Cross border cooperation and regional sustainable development in the European border areas, on the EU Immediate Neig...

22. июня 2010

Sessions of the Estonian-Russian Joint Commission

Peipsi CTC is presented in the work of the Estonian-Russian Joint Commission on the Protection and Sustainable Use of Transboundary Waters, where Margit Säre is a member of the Working Group on Int...

14. июня 2010

Children Photography Contest for World Environmental Day

Sociedad Amigos del Lago de Chapala, AC (Friends of Lake Chapala) invites you to participate in its First International Contest of Children’s Photography

26. мая 2010

PRESSRELEASE: Workshop on transboundary water resources management

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation project manager, Margit Säre, will attend the Workshop on Transboundary Water Resources Management in Eastern and Northern Europe to be held in Kiev, U...

26. апреля 2010

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation at 13th Living Lakes Conference in Mexico

13th Living Lakes Conference on  "Lake Management - Challenges in a Changing World", takes place at lake Chapala in Mexico from the 18th to 25th of March.

02. марта 2010

Newsletter of Peipsi Forum VII

Peipsi Forum VII “Cross-border cooperation on the EU external borders: Environment, use of shared natural resources and regional development” took place in December 2-3, 2009 in Tartu, Estonia.

10. января 2010


News / pressreleases form 2009

31. декабря 2009

PRESSRELEASE: Peipsi Forum VII in Tartu

On December 2-3, it is the seventh occasion for the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation to organise the Peipsi Forum in Tartu.

01. декабря 2009

Round tabel on creative industries in Hiiumaa

BEN – Baltic Euroregions Network Estonian round table took place in Kärdla, Hiiumaa (the island in Western Estonia); the roundtable was held despite the stormy weather during two days, on 14th an...

19. октября 2009


This international round table will bring together about eighty experts and stakeholders from the EU countries and on the EU direct neighbourhood: Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Rus...

15. сентября 2009

Special issue of journal TRAMES on regional development challenges of EU border regions has been published

The special issue of TRAMES “Regional development challenges of EU border regions in the context of the interaction between the EU and countries of its immediate “neighbourhood”” Vol. 13, Issue ...

04. сентября 2009

Peipsi CTC newsletter no 5 about international higher education cross-border cooperation

Peipsi CTC has published the fifth newsletter which is dedicated to the cross-border cooperation in higher education.

27. августа 2009

INVITATION: Round-table on cross border cooperation and transboundary water management on Moldovan-Ukrainian and Estonian-Russian border areas

21. мая 2009

Peipsi CTC newsletter of cross-border cooperation

29. апреля 2009

Article publiched on the Estonian-Russian cross-border cooperation

17. апреля 2009

FORTHCOMING: Workshop "International higher education CBC cooperation in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region"

This is to invite you to an international workshop “International higher education cross-border cooperation in the Eastern Baltic Sea Region” that will take place in Tartu, Estonia on 15 – 16 June ...

16. апреля 2009

Media analysis on status and development of fish farming

15. апреля 2009

Print of Guide on Eco-trail in the Ramsar wetland site

01. апреля 2009

Peipsi CTC Activities Report 2008 is published!

Dear friends, partners, funders, We are pleased to introduce you our Activities Report 2008!

11. марта 2009

Moldova and Ukraine will promote transboundary water management in River Dniester region with the help of Estonian expertise

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation has recently launched a new development cooperation project aiming to raise Moldovan and Ukrainian water management expert’s capacity to effectively pr...

09. марта 2009

2nd International Black Sea Symposium: “The Black Sea Region: the State of Play and the Way Forward”

The International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS) hosts the 2nd International Black Sea Symposium on “The Black Sea Region: the State of Play and the Way Forward” to be held on the island of K...

09. марта 2009

FORTHCOMING: World Water Day 2009

In 2009, the focus of World Water Day on March 22 will be on transboundary waters - "Shared Water - Shared Opportunities".

10. февраля 2009