Preserving Heritage project is emphasizing the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Peipsi- and Setoland

ER187 Preserving Heritage project aims  to improve cooperation between Peipsi- and Setoland communities in preserving and promoting local cultural, linguistic  and historical heritag...

22. May 2023

The 3-day GreeEduLarp workshop held in Gmina Mełgiew, Poland

Teachers from six European countries trained on how to use educational role play games at school during the workshop held in Gmina Mełgiew, Poland

08. May 2023

The Heritage Hunters project promoting the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of Peipsimaa, which has started, invites heritage hunters to Peipsimaa in autumn  

The project ER 193 Heritage Hunters, which promotes lake Peipsi area cultural heritage and community cooperation, contributes to the development of the coo...

04. May 2023

Leaning through environmental educational role play game is gaining popularity

6 partners in the Erasmus+ cooperation project GreenEduLARP have developed a common GreenEduLarp curriculum to introduce EduLARP (Educational Live Action Role Playing) as a mea...

10. April 2023

Seminar for heritage centers

Networking meeting for Peipsiland museums and heritage centers

02. April 2023

A Tree of Life

The environmental educational role-playing game (EduLarp) "The Tree of Life" is completed. The game introduces the principle of ecological balance and the impact of overconsumption on the environ...

07. January 2023