Celebration of European Cooperation Day in the Narva-Ivangorod border area

24. сентября 2012

Narva and Ivangorod are border towns, which actively cooperate in implementing of mutual infrastructure and tourism development projects as well as projects aiming at preserving cultural and historical heritage of both cities. 

Twin towns Narva-Ivangorod (on the Estonian-Russian border) celebrated the European Cooperation Day wit the award ceremony of children drawing competition «Narva and Ivangorod: united by border», on September 21. Among the activities paper ship floating along the transboundary Narva River and launch of balloons took place. In the evening an installation called "Linking Fires" took place simultaneously on both sides of the Narva River in order to promote the development of friendly relations between Russia and Estonian border towns.

Read more:  press release of Narva town government: http://www.forttour.net/241eng.html