Estonian-Russian-German cooperation project “Hanseatic Cities: Revived Historical Links for Modern Culture Management” final conference in Pskov, Russia; February 9-10, 2012

07. февраля 2012

More than 70 experts have registered at the conference “Hanseatic Cities: Opportunities for Development”, among them the heads of Russian Hanseatic cities, cultural managers, representatives of the European cities of the Hanseatic League, the media. The conference participants discuss the results and follow up of the project, which aimed to establish a practical cooperation platform between the Russian and European Hanseatic cities and is implemented by Pskov NGO Chudskoi Project, Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, Pskov and Rostock cities.
During the project several trainings and study visits were organized for the Hansa cities cultural managers; for example in summer 2011 the Delegation of Russian Hanseatic cities visited Tartu Hanseatic days, 48th Europeade festival and Viljandi Hansa town. 
The results of the conference will be available on the website of the project:
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