EUBORDERREGIONS project comes to an end. Final conference will take place February 20-21, 2015; in Istanbul

18. февраля 2015

Peipsi CTC will present its Estonian-Russian case study results and main outcomes of Communication work package, we are leading.

"EUBORDERREGIONS. European Regions, EU External Borders and the Immediate Neighbours. Analysing Regional Development Options through Policies and Practices of Cross-Border Co-operation"  is a 4-years long FP7 research project, launched in March 2011, with the main objective to identify challenges to economic, social and territorial cohesion as well as regional development potentials in different EU external borderlands.  

EUBORDERREGION final conference will be held February 20-21 in Istanbul. Project team members will present research findings  that highlight our main policy messages regarding Neighbourhood policies from a geopolitical level as well as more locally focused messages regarding cooperation and CBC policies  across EU external borders; followed by general discussion.

EUBORDERREGION case study work took place in eleven EU external borderlands :

1.Kirkenes (Norway) - Murmansk (Russia)

2. Kiruna (Sweden) - Narvik (Norway) 

3. Leningrad oblast (Russia) – Southern Karelia (Finland) 

4. Narva (Estonia)- Ivangorod (Russia) and Tartu (Estonia)-Pskov (Russia) 

5. Przemysl ( Poland) - Sambor (Ukraine) 

6. Ungvar, Berehove/Beregszàsz (Ukraine) and Nyiregyhàza (Hungary) 

7. Romania -Moldova) 

8. Kirklareli ( Turkey) - Burgas (Bulgaria) 

 9. East-Macedonia (Greece) -  Thrace-Edirne (Turkey)  

10. Algeciras (Spain, Gibraltar) - Tanger (Morocco) - Ceuta (Spain) 

11. Tunis, Bizerte (Tunisia) - Trapani (Italy)   

 You can read the summaries of case studies here;