Global education weeks in Lake Peipsi region schools

27. октября 2016

In October and November global education weeks are organized in several Lake Peipsi region schools.
Schools organise fair trade cafe, discussion and film programs on sustainable production/consumption, volunteer work, quizzes etc.
Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation has prepared a new training program and material for teacher on environmental justice and -refugees. During global education week our experts run several pilot workshops - "Imaginary trip" - on climate refugees for primary school pupils; aiming to make children think on solidarity, tolerance, interdependency issues in our current world.

Schools have also participated in oster competition on climate change and climate refugees. Winners of the competition participated in the study tour to Tartu on 26 October and presented their poster at international SAME World conference.

Photo from poster competition:  author -Aljona Jeršova (Kallaste school)  

The global education week is organized in cooperation in Mustvee, Kallaste, Alatskivi and Räpina schools and is finance by ALDA and Estonian Development Cooperation program