Students present their video clips on migration and refugees in Europe and in Estonia; 18 April in Tartu, Estonia

18. апреля 2017

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, in cooperation with Tartu University Department of Folklore organized series of seminars aiming to give deeper knowledge on tendencies of migration and asylum-seeking in Europe. Discussions focused also on Estonia, currently opening its border both for migrants in general and for refugees in particular.
In addition to theoretical knowledge and debates practical workshops were conducted how to do fieldwork in sensitive communities and make videos.
As a final assignment, the students submitted their own assignments: 3-7 minutes' video clips on the topics of migration and refugees. The range of the topics the students have taken is exciting: Jewish diaspora in Estonia, Ingrian Finn minority in Tartu, the bureaucracy a refugee coming to Estonia should go through, the aspirations of Estonian and non-Estonian students studying in Tartu, cases of xenophobia experienced by foreign students in Tartu, experiences of various ethnic groups abroad, and many others.

The seminars and workshops were financed by Europe for Citizens project SISUMMA (Social Initiative of Support to Minorities through Media-Activism) The project aims to foster tolerance, respect and multicultural dialogue among young Europeans through training activities and debates on the values of a dynamic European citizenship.