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ER164 Chudskoye/Peipsi Museums Ring

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Этот проект софинансируется Программой Приграничного Сотрудничества «Россия - Эстония» на период 2014-2020 годов.

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“Программа приграничного сотрудничества «Россия-Эстония» на период 2014-2020 годов направлена на развитие приграничного сотрудничества между Российской Федерацией и Эстонской Республикой в целях содействия социальноэкономическому развитию в регионах по обе стороны общих границ. Сайт Программы”  

Продолжительность проекта 
10.11.2021 - 09.11.2022 12 месяца

Руководитель проекта
Центр трансграничного сотрудничества Чудского озера
Margit Säre;

Целью проекта :
Chudskoye/Peipsi lake is a unique cultural, historical, and social phenomenon naturally connecting Estonia and Russia. Meanwhile, there is still lack of cooperating institutions that would purposefully deliver the information about the lake, depicting a holistic picture of cultural traditions of peoples inhabiting the lake shores, jointly promoting indigenous crafts, languages, cuisines, and tourist destinations, and serving as hubs for the involvement of local communities.

Проект направлен на
The partners in collaboration with the associates will bring their over 20 years of lake-related experiences, visions, and perspectives as well as a huge amount of regionally-based publications, promo materials, cultural and archaeological artefacts to develop a circle of local museums and heritage centers located across the lake.

Thereby, the overall objective, to which the Project will contribute, is to ensure the readiness of local organizations and communities of the Estonian-Russian border municipalities to actively cooperate in the field of preservation and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of the region. The Project takes the responsibility to implement two specific objectives:
  • to build the capacity of the staff of local museums and heritage centers for the delivery of attractive and quality services for both domestic and cross-border visitors, and
  • to develop Chudskoye/Peipsi museum rooms in the 'capitals' of the lake region, that is, in Mustvee and Gdov for their long-term cooperation as of main regional hubs of tourist information about the lake.
  •  Two new entities will be ready by the end of the Project: an updated Peipsimaa (Peipsi Region) Museum in Mustvee and a newly developed Chudskoye Lake exposition at Gdov Museum.
  •  Project partners will elaborate a new tourist route uniting around-the-lake destinations and heritage centers into a cooperative network, a Peipsi Ring.
  • The project also anticipates a sound capacity-building program to improve the service delivery, hence the market role of local (primarily - municipal, private, little-known, and newly-opened) community-based heritage centers.
  • The Project will strengthen the positions and cooperative connections of at least 20 such institutions.
  • All Project activities will be accompanied by the participation of media and tourist companies to widely promote the new routes and locations.
  • Since the lake region is home to four ethnicities (Russian, Estonian, Seto, and Vodja) and several socio-cultural groups (the lake's islanders, Old Believers, etc.), the Project will have a special focus on multicultural and linguistic diversity.
События проекта:
  • 29.11.2021 Seminar of the Estonian-Russian cooperation project: "Museums and cultural heritage centers of Lake Peipsi cooperation and development of tourism potential ".
  • 11.01.2021 Seminar-study trip to Museums in Setomaa. 


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