Inspiring for Biodiversity

Project name: Inspiring for Biodiversity:
Empowerment of European Citizens for Action through Education on Biodiversity

Erasmus +;  KA204-EBA5E1FF

November 2019 - February 2022

Project manager:
Margit Säre

Partners from Estonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Austria; lead partner- Global Nature Fund, Germany

The aim of the project is to raise awareness for biodiversity in European countries.
In order to put in action more comprehensive pedagogical practices on biodiversity Citizens need to find themselves at the heart of the debate, to become actors of change and be emotionally linked to the issue. They need to understand how the behavior of a single individual in everyday life is strictly connected to biodiversity loss; this process will help to show options for acting. Education is a long-term project, and of course, this project can be based on decades of experience in many EU MS.
What we want to provide is a synthesis of experiences from experts in several EU states to produce comprehensive educational material on biodiversity. 
  • Assessment of the training needs of citizens, their understanding of the topic biodiversity; the assessment of the pedagogical offer of available initiatives/tools for biodiversity.
  • Pedagogical program setting & best practice exchange: Development of a programme covering 6 educational “focus areas” on biodiversity with regard to implementation in the everyday life.
  • Development of innovative pedagogical material and accompanying guide: Creation of a set of pedagogical materials taking into account current needs and developments in education on biodiversity: 30 tools in 5 “focus areas”. An accompanying guide will be provided to facilitate the use of the material. All tools will be tested within the frame of special events to collect feedback from both trainers and citizens.
  • Development of a set of pedagogical communication tools: It will include interactive educational posters, thematic video, webinar structure etc. for separate presentations of the theme as well as pedagogical materials, in particular for trainers and stakeholders working/planning to work on biodiver
Project events
- kick off meeting in Berlin, November 2019


  • Bioorientation route questions that are suitable for every place: EST, ENG.
    Photos for creating augmented reality questions: 

  • On the 2nd of March, we introduced our own and our partners' thoughts on how to introduce biodiversity. Agenda (in EST)

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