Who we are

The original "Lake Peipsi Project" was begun in 1993 as an informal organization whose primary focus was research into environmental issues facing the border between Estonia and Russia. The next years we expanded to include social action projects aimed at assisting local people in developing skills related to public participation, in order to help them address local issues as a part of the democratic process. In 1998, "Lake Peipsi Project" was renamed to  the "Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation"  to indicate that our focus is wider than just Lake Peipsi region. 
After Estonia joined EU in 2004 we started to work more with development cooperation:  in EU Eastern neighbourhood countries, but also in Central Asia, Uganda.

Our main focus:
  • Environmental awareness and nature education
  • Cross-border and development cooperation
The scope of project activities continues to expand, with the major emphasis on creating projects that promote sustainable development, widespread cooperation and the pursuit of common goals to enhance the lives of the people living along the border area.