Restoration of the La Nihalcea, Moldova


Estonian Development Cooperation

Project duration:
August 2019 – June 2021

Margit Säre, margitsare


La Nihalcea pond system situates in Ştefan Voda district and is part of Ramsar "Lower Dniester". The present ecological state of La Nihalcea reservoir is not satisfactory: The quality of water is under pressure from agriculture and other diffuse sources (phosphates, nitrates etc.).

The project (partly funded by GEF/UNDP to Purcari Development Fund ) aims to improve ecological conditions of La Nihalca pond system through re-cultivation of the lake, re-naturalization of watershed and revegetation of its shores and riparian belt using smart biotech methods. Also recreational zone is set up for ecotourism development purposes .
In may 2021 final conference took place.

Our local partner is Purcari Development Fund.

Project video-report by AgroTV on restoration of LaNihalcea

Project assessment reports
1. Assessment report
2. Action plan on restoration of ponds
3. Climate change impact on agriculture, rural development in Moldova