2nd study trip to Tampere brought bright ideas to green management specialists

07. June 2013

On the beginning of June 2013 Peipsi CTC organized second Greenman projects study trip to Tampere. This times study trip concentrated mainly to Finnish experience of Green GIS and to whitnessing the situation, plans, opportunities and the results of green planning and management in green areas of Tampere city.

The latter implied a lot of field trips on which we had the best green management specialists for our  guides – Tampere City Government Manager of Parks and Gardens Timo Koski and Park Investments Constructor/contractor Janne Syrjä.

There were introduced green areas on different stages of use: on planning stage, building phase, renovated, middle stage and old. Generally the green areas were very well maintained and new areas planning and design were on very high level. Also the high quality of work were noticed by study trip participants.

We were introduced to most of the important park areas in Tampre - lately renovated playground in Emil Aaltosen puisto, Sorsapuisto - renovated park, playground and activity park, Kirjailijanpuisto, Central park of Vuores and Tervalepänpuisto (new park and playground), Ratina, Näsinpuisto, Wilhelm von Nottbeckin puisto, Aleksandra Siltasen puisto, Heinäpuisto, Tallipiha and Hatanpää Arboretum.

One of most interesting areas was huge new housing area (housing fair area of 2012) - Vuores - for 13500 habitants. The area for developement is 1256 hectares and it should be finished for the year 2020. Vuores is served as combination of urban greenery and high-technology houses. All kinds of homes, in apartment blocks and terraces, semi-detached and detached houses, will be built amongst small lakes and forests. The communications and services incl. green areas are established by City of Tampere before most of the houses were built by developers. One of the most innovative ideas in Vuores was the rain garden for collecting the rainwater. With slopes the water from heavy rains were collected to the raingarden, where it is collected, infiltrated and from where the shallow collected water slowly moves towards central park where is drainage water processing spot. So the floods wount be that heavy and the surface water feeds ground water. Rain water and leachate, or drainage water in Vuores, are processed in a natural and controlled manner. They will be kept and absorbed in water meadows, hollows and underground pits. So the planning of this vast areas green management was very interesting.

Another huge green area visited on study trip, was Hatanpää arboretum, that comprises three parks on the shore of lake Pyhajärvi. Hatanpää Mansion and the Villa are surrounded by an old mansion park. Vihilahti Park is on the southern end borders. The actual arboretum area , from 1970’s have been created by designing a terrain suitable for different type of plants – for example pond, stream, small swamp area and so on. Besides all the tree, waterside and hydrophotic plant species there is also possible to study perennials and spice plants. In Hatanpää mansion park there is Rose Garden with 160 varieties of group roses, climbing roses, ground-covering roses and shrub roses.

I described just a small piece from the green areas and good ideas seen in Tampere. Tampere with their outstanding green management is a very good place for green management study trip. Also I would like to thank Tampere City Government once  more for their hospitality and help on organizing and implementing this study trip.

Agenda and more information about study trip on Greenman projects website.
Eleri Seer, eleri@ctc.ee

Project budget is 1.948.194,78 EUR, program co-financing (grant) is 1.753.375,30 EUR.

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