A seminar/discussion evening of the edularp sustainability

15. January 2024

On the 23th of November 2023 around the table met people from different sectors and we had an Open Table Discussion that aimed to discover possibilities for a collaborative effort to explore and integrate EduLARPing into the national educational landscape. We developed preliminary recommendations for EduLARPing in climate education.

 Some ideas:
- Conduct trainings in schools.
- Conduct cross-school trainings.
- Sharing working examples.
- To explain more the idea of educational role-playing in teacher education.
- Make innovation in teacher education as well.
- Visit information days of county education forums with workshops, introduce what a role-play is, and do a play-through.
- Involve more practitioners from schools, and present success stories.
- A multi-day conference on the topic of student aid.
- Conduct a series of training sessions consisting of learning sessions.
- Do a role-play across subjects.
- Competitions for teaching materials for teachers, with embedded role play.
- Create a Moodle course.
- Introduce the method to teachers through subject associations.

Event was funded by #ESTDEV #FromThePeopleOfEstonia
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