DIY Digital Education  learning platform  is also supporting a research a framework for digital competences

17. June 2022

he Erasmus + project DIY Digital Education has developed a learning platform  The idea is also supporting a research A framework for digital competences of lecturers (Tondeur et al 2022).

The Covid-19 pandemic has created new economic and social realities in European countries, and outlined the need for special efforts to promote digitalisation. There is a need for structured tools for informed decision-making and logical development of digital skills throughout the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

 A framework for digital competences  (Tondeur et al 2022) research is presenting a new framework that includes four dimensions of lecturers' digital competencies: 1) digital literacy, 2) designing, implementing, and evaluating education, 3) equipping students for a digital society, and 4) professional learning. The resulting framework will provide guidance and clearer expectations of lecturers digital competency.

A digital competences framework for lecturers in higher education by:

More information about the project is here: