The article By Aija Kosk of the social welfare and the teaching methodology is ready

17. November 2020

First study material by Aija Kosk is ready: the article of the social welfare and the teaching methodology. The purpose of this study material was to provide an overview of how different types of social welfare states define the provision of public and common goods.

To achieve the goal this study material, first, explained the meaning of well-being. The simplest definition of well-being is just feeling well. Well-being can be achieved by satisfying the needs and / or eliminating the unnecessary needs. A simplified schematic overview of our needs is worked out by American psychologist Abraham H. Maslow who explained that human well-being is based on meeting peoples physiological and safety needs. Physiological needs are the underlying needs we cannot live without, and safety needs mean feeling safe. When basic needs are satisfied, a person strives for realizing their social needs. In economic terms, meeting needs requires the consumption of different types of goods.

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