Estonian 2121 video clip of the environmental educational role play completed!

04. November 2020

At the beginning of October, a game Eesti 2121 took place at Räpina Gymnasium, it took the young people into the fantasy world in the year 2121- Live Action Role Play Game Estonia 2121. The aim of the game was to lead young people think about their personal experience of environmentally friendly development. The video of the game is HERE.

Based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals an experience-based role-playing game Eesti 2121 for schoolchildren iwas created. It fantasizes on the subject of what life might look like when states does not pay enough attention today to reducing environmental problems. Role play caught draw young people's attention to global environmental issues and leads them at risks about the link between local activities and global issues.

What it was that then? Shortly:  It is the year 2121. The world is in a bad condition.  Räpina  Gymnasium is now a research station,  there are working scientists from the  University of Tartu. There are researchers and students of the Faculty of Biodynamics who have worked for many years with ecosystem restoration program. With them there are also local villagers, who have already adapted with the change of the world. change. The laboratory has four research groups, whose purpose is to 1) study and map the current situation at the station and 2) start ecosystem restoration work. However, as a pollution storm approached the station, it caused so many accidents that need to be resolved.
The project was funded Ministry of Foreign Affairs from development and humanitarian aid funds. More about the project: