GreenEduLarp Prepares to Launch Innovative Environmental Education Pilots Across Four European Countries

22. November 2023

The GreenEduLarp team is eagerly preparing for the pilot programs of the GreenEduLarp curriculum in partner schools across Greece, Sweden, Poland, and Estonia. This European initiative is set to revolutionize environmental education through innovative approaches, and educators are excited to be part of this pioneering effort.

Teachers in these partner schools have received the necessary materials. They are actively preparing their students to embark on the implementation of a unique environmental education curriculum using the edularp methodology. The goal is to engage students in immersive and experiential learning experiences that instill a deep understanding of environmental issues and foster a sense of responsibility for the planet.

The GreenEduLarp partners have been hard at work, gathering valuable data and insights from interviews with educators and conducting extensive desk research on the use of games and, more specifically, edularp in environmental education. This research is instrumental in fine-tuning the curriculum and ensuring that it meets the needs of both educators and students.

Edularp, a blend of education and live-action role-playing, is an innovative and dynamic way to make learning about environmental issues engaging and impactful. It empowers students to take an active role in their learning, fostering problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills vital for addressing our time's ecological challenges.

The GreenEduLarp program is set to mark a significant milestone in the realm of environmental education, with the potential to inspire a new generation of environmentally conscious citizens. As the pilot programs kick-off, the entire team is excited to witness the positive changes and results that will undoubtedly emerge from this groundbreaking initiative.

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