Learning through environmental educational role play game is gaining popularity

10. April 2023

6 partners in the Erasmus+ cooperation project GreenEduLARP have developed a common GreenEduLarp curriculum to introduce EduLARP (Educational Live Action Role Playing) as a means to act for climate change in schools.

Erasmus+ cooperation project GreenEduLARP has launced already in February 2022. Now the first cooperation results have appeared. The project aims to empower teachers with new competencies in environmental education using educational Live Action Role Play game (eduLARP) and to enhance students with confidence and agency skills through the LARPing methodology and teamwork. The main activity in the project is to create accessible online materials and to build a transnational strategy on how to adapt EduLARP methodology in school curricula.

Larp is a form of game play in which participants physically embody characters within a fictional scenario for extended periods of time. Edu-LARP is an exemplary form of experiential learning, since it allows students to experience the subject that they are studying in a way that is relevant and engaging to them. It is a powerful educational tool to help students better grasp material, think critically, and engage positively with what they are learning. Most of all, Edu-LARP can help engage students from a variety of learning styles and so address the needs of the increasingly diverse student body that we teach today.

The idea of edularp is presented in the video by: GoodJobStudios: Learning Through Roleplay: Edularp. https://youtu.be/hAjLQNwPa8s

Green Edu-Larp curriculum gives the basic idea how to integrate LARP games to the classes and general study aim. GEL curriculum with Edu-Larp tool is also supporting the Dublin Declaration (A Strategy Framework for Improving and Increasing Global Education in Europe to 2050) that was agreed in 2022.


First aim of the curriculum is to support late primary and secondary education teachers, implement the GEL methodology in school with LARPing for students towards a greener changemaking attitude using scenarios to trigger behavioral shift and action. Through this Curriculum, they will have an essential tool for them and their students to be trained on LARPing combined with Climate Change Education (CCE) and developing 21st century skills.

From raising awareness on environmental issues (knowledge acquired) towards concrete actions of primary and secondary education students. The GEL aspires to foster problem solving for climate change and critical thinking, creativity and teamwork competences as well as shift students’ mindset towards taking action against environmental problems in their community while developing soft skills and confidence.

In Estonia Tarvastu Gymnasium and Värska Gymnasium are related with the project implementation and associated partners where the curriculum and related materials and tools will be tested and updated.

The Programme website is https://erasmus-plus.ec.europa.eu/

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