MAMYFU kick-off meeting on 30th September to 1st of October in Tampere

01. October 2019

On the 30th September to 1st of October kick-off meeting of the project MAMYFU - Making my future - Enhancing the lives of young people took place in Tampere. MAMYFU promotes young people's skills and social action.

The objective is to promote young people's skills and future orientation and social action for communities especially within the communities which are remote, marginalized or at risk of becoming economically and culturally excluded. This is done by the power of the young people from the area who can become their own life's change agents. The project follows the idea of from people to people by enhancing young people's entrepreneurial and positive orientation towards future, building up their self-esteem and co-learning via joint small scale project for the benefit for the community.

The project creates an interactive virtual platform with stories, photos, videos, method and tool descriptions about the project and thus it will serve as a leaning platform also after the project. Also, the realized small scale projects stay alive - some of them might be renewed and repeated since they are cost-effective and very grassroots oriented. These kinds of community-based activities tend to spread later on.

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Ederi Ojasoo