New traveling exhibition "Peipsiveere keelerikkus"

29. September 2022

In the recently renovated Peipsimaa museum, visitors can see the traveling exhibition Peipsiveere keelerikkus / /Peipsiland regional dialects

On September 30, the first presentation of the traveling exhibition "Peipsiveere keelrikkus" introducing the dialects of Peipsimaa and the presentation of the new modern technical solutions of the Peipsimaa museum and the exhibition “Peipsi järve elu tuba” will take place.

As one of the activities of PeipsiRing project, a cooperation project aimed at the cultural heritage of Lake Peipsi are, efforts have been made to upgrade the Peipsimaa museum and the expositionb “Peipsi Järve elu tuba” with both new technical solutions and the renewal of the exposition, which visitors can see with by pre-ordering in the museum during the autumn-winter period.

From the beginning of October the new traveling exhibition "Peipsiveere keelrikkus" will also be able to see in the museum. Exhibition gives an overview of some of the dialects spoken in the Lake Peipsi different areas. From the roll-up stands you can find an overview of the dialects of different regions and their characteristic language features. The traveling exhibition is at the Peipsimaa museum until October 14th. Then interested people can explore it until October 30th in Kalevipoja Koda. After that exhibition will  travel to interested schools, heritage centres, museums, community centres and elsewhere. There are 9 roll-up stands in the rental set of the traveling exhibition. Information about renting can be found on the page:

Peipsi Ring project focuses on the creation of a cooperation network of museums and cultural heritage organisations around lake Peipsi. Also training and information activities will be organised. The activities of the project increase the capability of the Estonian border communities for active cooperation in the preservation and promotion of the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

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Project ER164 Chudskoye / Peipsi Museums Ring is implemented under the European
Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union.


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