Outdoor lessons on Lake Peipsi-Narva river

02. October 2023

In September we organised three outoor programs for schoolchildren from Mustvee, Iisaku, Avinurme schools on Lake Peipsi and Narva river ecosystems

The aim of the program is to get acquainted on  Lake Peipsi and the Narva River ecosystems and biodiversity.The program includes the use of measuring tools and analysis of the health of water bodies, learning the importance of water bodies for humans and other species. During the outdoor learning days children will hike, observe the nature and landscapes, take water samples, discuss and analyse the findings in groups.

Project "NarBaltAware/ The Narva River, from Lake Peipsi to the Baltic Sea: Challenges and Opportunities" is is implemented under the European Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union