Peipsi CTC project manager attend the Conference «Cross-border Cooperation: the Russian Federation, the European Union and Norway», September 6-7, in Pskov.

31. August 2012

Participants of the Conference will discuss current state of cross-border cooperation, possible trends and models of its further development, ways of joint planning of border areas development. Like the previous years, the experience of cross-border cooperation of the host region - the Pskov region will be emphasized. 

During the Conference the following issues will be discussed:
- prospects of the European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument after 2013, search for an optimal model of cross-border cooperation programmes development; 
- cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. Agenda and priorities of the presidency of the Russian Federation in the Baltic Sea States Council in 2012-2013; 
- particularities of cross-border cooperation: tourism as the main priority, ecology, transport and logistics projects and development of border infrastructure. 
- cooperation between local authorities and between businesses in border regions. 

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation is currently running two projects, funded by ENPI, joint Estonian-Russian-Latvian cooperation projects "Greenman" and "People with Nature", which will also be presented during the conference.

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Margit Säre

Project manager

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