Peipsi Forum VIII; 13-14 December, in Pskov

22. November 2010

On December 13-14, it is already the 8th occasion for the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and its partner Chudskoe Project, to organise Peipsi Forum. The traditionally organized at the end of each year before the relaxing Christmas holidays Peipsi Forum on transboundary cooperation brings together experts and stakeholders from the Estonian and Russian border areas and EU experts to exchange views on the experiences and deliberate on the future of the transboundary cooperation in the region.

The first day conference is devoted to cross-border cooperation for sustainable Lake Peipsi region development and is focused on thematic priorities of the EU Baltic Sea Strategy and the Northern Dimension such as the environment, economic development and the Baltic identity. The conference participants will discuss burning issues in environment, culture and tourism development of Lake Peipsi region with focus of environmental impact to Peipsi Lake, as well as to elaborate proposals for future cooperation. The results of the conference will be initiatives aimed at preparation of joint project proposals in environment and territorial development.

The second day conference is devoted to city cultural strategies and cultural networks. Legislative and executive representatives of municipalities, culture related NGOs and organizations, cultural top-managers and journalists will discuss the role of cultural heritage in branding of the European and Russian historical cities and modern trends in city culture management and will exchange of practices in modern strategies of cultural positioning. Great attention will be paid to such European cultural network as the Hansa of the New Times.

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