Preserving Heritage project is emphasizing the preservation of the cultural and natural heritage of Peipsi- and Setoland

22. May 2023

ER187 Preserving Heritage project aims  to improve cooperation between Peipsi- and Setoland communities in preserving and promoting local cultural, linguistic  and historical heritage. Especially important is to increase knowledge of and ownership of young generation in Peipsi- and Setoland to their heritage

Peipsiland - having been at the crossroads of different powers for centuries, is very peculiar both culturally and linguistically. Our goal is to support networking between the different cultural and linguistic communities (Kodavere, Setomaa, Old Believer villages, Iisaku), exchange of experiences and strengthening of their representative associations. We engage young people to encourage them to explore and appreciate their traditional culture and learn the local dialects.The project partners are Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and Union of SetomaaOur project main activities include Seto- and Peipsiland heritage summer school; Peipsi- and Setoland heritage audio stories in local dialects accompanied with creative cards; alos heritage story telling events and heritage teaching methodology seminar takes place in the fall.Our project includes novel, digital and environmental friendly aspects to heritage teaching and promotion. ER187 Preserving Heritage capitalisation project combines achievements of cultural and natural heritage educational/awareness focused projects (ER8, ER52, ER164) implemented in 2019-2022. More information abut the project:

ER187 Preserving Heritage project is co-fianced by Estonian EU external border programme in amount of 65618,81 euro. Project total budget is  72909,79 euro.

The content of this press release is the sole responsibility of Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the Programme or the EU.