Report on Lake Peipsi fishing communities has been completed, with the participation of Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation.

25. May 2011

In 2010 European Commission has ordered to conduct a study   on the assessment of the status, development and diversification of fisheries-dependent communities in 24 locations areas across the maritime states of the European Union. On of the selected case study regions was Lake Peipsi.

With Axis 4 of the EFF, the Common Fisheries Policy has widened its scope to address socio-economic development of local and regional communities depending on the fisheries sector. However, there is currently a scarcity of knowledge about how policy changes have affected coastal communities dependent on fisheries in recent years, how important other factors have been as drivers of change, or indeed how communities have adapted and responded to change. This study explores such issues and aims:

-To review current statistical data and socio-economic indicators for EU fisheries regions.

- To support the discussion about the future CFP, in particular as regards future financial support for the purpose of coastal development.

In completing this the study team compiled existing statistical data and socio-economic indicators for 24 case study locations to provide a broad picture of economic and social impacts on local and regional coastal communities brought about by the fisheries sector, disaggregated into catching, processing, support services, and aquaculture sub-sectors. 

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