Seminar for heritage centers

02. April 2023

Networking meeting for Peipsiland museums and heritage centers

Peipsiland - having been at the crossroads of different powers for centuries is very peculiar both culturally and linguistically.
Preserving local languages, dialects is important because they connect and support the relationship between people, history, nature and tradition and create community unity and identity.
Peipsi CTC starts this bring two new projects aiming at networking between the different cultural and linguistic communities (Kodavere, Setomaa, Old Believer villages, Iisaku), exchange of experiences and strengthening of their representative associations. We also work to encourage them to explore and appreciate their traditional culture and learn the local dialects.

On April 24, Peipsi CTC organises Networking meeting with Peipsiland museums and heritage centers to introduce our  new  heritage related projects:
-Our ACF funded project "Strengthening network of Peipsiland cultural and linguistic communities" will organise Kodavere and Seto youth joint seminar and field trip; media tour to introduce heritage routes, national conference and also a winter hike.
-"Heritage hunters project" improves the cooperation of local communities and ensures the heritage marketing .