Introductory video for the role-play game "Solarpunk" is ready

30. September 2020

Introductory video for the role-play game "Päikesepunk" is ready. This is a game for yput 7th-12th grades. Game takes about two hours. The game takes place in the future and calls people to think about our future. 

The game will take place in a future where climate change has been curbed by the achievements of geoengineering.
Life on earth flourishes thanks to sophisticated irrigation systems, carbon sequestration and orbital sun mirrors. However, one sun mirror has been hit by a meteor body and its management system has become unusable. Participants play space station crew who must get the sun mirror repaired before the rays of the sun reach it. Each character has their own priorities.

Game scenarios:
Learning video:

The project was funded by Nordic Council of Ministers.
More about the project: