Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia discuss lake tourism services joint marketing on 22nd to 23rd August in Alatskivi

21. August 2019

Lakesperience Project partners from four countries have two days long discussion about lake tourism services marketing on 22nd to 23rd August in Alatskivi. Partner meeting brings together 7 partners who enhances business and marketing cooperation between at 20 Finnish, 20 Swedish, 15 Estonian and 15 Latvian companies that provide services, such as accommodation, food, activities, bike and other sports equipment renting, fishing and sauna for tourists.

Lakesperience Project connects lakes Pyhäjärvi and Näsijärvi in Tampere Finland, lakes Åsunden, Järnlunden, and Stora Rängen in the south of Linköping, Sweden, lake Peipsi in Estonia and lake Burtnieku in Latvia as a joint tourist attraction. On partner meeting, marketing strategy is under discussion marketing. Joint Nordic-Baltic Lake-marketing message will be created during the project for marketing the lake areas and related services, especially for German tourists.  

Lakesperience Project manager Margit Säre said that it is really important continuously develop and update the marketing strategy in order to increase the viability of the regions. Therefore, the meeting is focusing on the main actions, communication channels and key messages of regions marketing. “During this meeting, our aim is to develop joint conception for sales manuals, sales events in Germany and lake festivals”, said Säre.  

The Interreg Central-Baltic Project Lakesperience - Explore the Nordic-Baltic lakes project will increase the attractiveness and visibility of Finnish, Swedish, Estonian and Latvian lakes and their environments as a sustainable natural heritage tourist attractions and products. 

Lakesperience Project is funded by the EU Interreg Central Baltic Programme and is co-financed by The Ministry of the Interior of Estonia and National Foundation of Civil Society. More information can be found here http://www.ctc.ee/activities-and-projects/running/lakesperience


More information:

Margi Säre

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation
Tel +372 5088409
www.ctc.ee; https://lakesperience.eu/