The Peipsimaa memory card game introducing Lake Peipsi area heritage is ready

12. August 2023

As an activity of the ER 193 Heritage Hunters project of the Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation, a card game of lake Peipsi area heritage characteristic objects "Peipsimaa memory" was completed, which contains 40 pairs of cards related to the region's characteristic heritage pictures with a small explanation.

Last year, the heritage trail introducing lake Peipsi area by dialects got off the ground. The online map can be found at The heritage trail provides an overview of lake Peipsi area attractions based on the region's linguistic and cultural characteristics. On the basis of the map, you can get to know, for example, Kodavere dialect, Oldbelivers dialect, Räpina dialect, Seto language and others. with tracks.
In the follow-up project Heritage Hunters, the focus is on the development and distribution of activities and games related to the presentation of lake Peipsi area linguistic and cultural distinctiveness. The card game "Peipsimaa memory" is designed by the artist Artur Kuus. Memory of objects of Peipsimaa is a fun card game that introduces objects characteristic of different regions of lake Peipsi area, trains memory and concentration. The game features 40 pairs of objects characteristic of lake Peipsi area, which were proposed by representatives of museums and cultural heritage centers in the region. The game can be played alone or in a group. Memory is a great pastime for both children and adults.
The area of lake Peipsi can be considered one of the ancient centres of the Baltic Finns, which have been inhabited by various Baltic Finns in the last few millennia. People living on the shores of the lake are connected by the lake and its ecosystem services. Traces of history and different tribes can be found in language and culture, which is why the region is very fragmented, but it provides a lot of material to visit lake Peipsi area.
According to game artist Artur Kuus, designing the game was also a hunt of heritage. “Designing some pictures, I had to struggle to understand how that heritage object would look like. About some objects, there were no images either in the archives or for the locals to immediately take from their pockets. This may be a sign that the heritage is disappearing and it is necessary to photograph them quickly." said Artur Kuus.
In addition, at the end of the summer, an orienteering game for heritage hunters introducing the culture and linguistic richness of lake Peipsi area will be developed, in which groups of people interested in hunting for visible and invisible treasures are expected to take part. According to project manager Eder Ojasoo, the card game will be one of the small gifts in the orientation game for heritage hunters. Card game will be also see, touch and play in the museums and cultural heritage centers of Peipsimaa, where they will be distributed during August.
More information about the Project: Project Heritage Hunters - Peipsiland Heritage Trail joint marketing is implemented under the European Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union.

Project Heritage Hunters - Peipsiland Heritage Trail joint marketing is implemented under the European Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union.
Project budget is 49 645,34 euros and programme co-financing 44 680,80 euros.
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