The students of Räpina Common Gymnasium experienced a fantastic future through the game

11. November 2020

A game that took the young people involved in the fantasy world into the future year 2121 took place at the beginning of October at the Räpina Gymnasium. Live Action Role Play Game Estonia 2121. The aim of the game was to lead young people to think through personal experience about environmentally friendly and about the need for sustainable development.

Based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals an experience-based role-playing game Eesti 2121 for schoolchildren iwas created.  It  fantasizes on the subject of what life might look like when states does not pay enough attention today to reducing environmental problems. Role play caught draw young people's attention to global environmental issues and leads them at risks about the link between local activities and global issues.

Peipsi Center for Transbpundary Cooperation believes that the implementation of experience-based activities is important. There are not many activities that pass on global education through experience.

Live Action Role Play Game is a game in which the participants play different fictional characters. Educational role play is a pedagogical method that is very well known in Scandinavia, but in Estonia little is used. This method helps participants to see the problem, share experiences and find consensual solutions. . The assessment about the game Estonia2121 by young people was very positive. Many participants said at the end of the game that they did not know what to expect from the game ant it was great. The feedback also said that they liked that the students were allowed took the reins and had great roles to play. Räpina Common Gymnasium Teacher Karin Tuul said the game was interesting enough to try. "We haven't done such a thing at school yet, it was awesome," she added. About the game Estonia 2121 also completed a short video summary, which can be found here:

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