Tourism development prize

09. December 2023

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation was awarded for the Peipsimaa Heritage Trail development.
Estonia is small but rich in cultural heritage - each county has had a distinctive local language, as well as its own customs, crafts and cooking traditions, all closely intertwined with the surrounding natural environment. Fortunately, over the last twenty years, the preservation, study and promotion of local heritage has gained momentum.
The Centre for Peipsi Cooperation has also contributed.

We started the initiatives to promte cooperation between the museums and heritage centres of Peipsi region in the framework of the ER 164 PEIPSIRING project in 2021-2022, when the concept of Peipsiland heritage trail were completed; the exhibition and video on the linguistic richness of Peipsi area were also developed.
ER 193 Heritage Hunters focused on the development of joint marketing of the Peipsiland Heritage Trail and in 2023 the card game, the orienteering game Heritage Hunters Discovery Trail, information signs and Peipsiland personality stories were completed.
The ER 187 Preserving Heritage project supplemented the Peipsimaa heritage trail with Seto and Kodavre  dialect audio stories and heritage evening, and organised heritage evenings and a summer school.

The project were co-financed by the Estonian EU external program.

For more information: Margit. Sare@ gmaill. com