Water seminar in Mustvee

28. November 2023

Water related seminar in Mustvee, 29 November

On November 29 Water related seminar is organized in Mustvee culture house.
At the event, we will present the infrastructure works done at the Mustvee WaterMan project: reconstruction of water pump, oil spills collection and drinking water stations in harbour area.
Guest speakers from the University of Life Sciences will also talk about the general water quality / biodiversity issues of the Peipsi and trends over the last years. Tips on water saving in households and in the gardens are also shared.

The heat waves, increase of summer inhabitants and other factors lead to high summer water consumption and significant drop in water pressure in Mustvee town, which is why it is not possible to ensure proper drinking water for all residents with current water pumping system.Thus, the project adresses water problems in Mustvee through improved infrastructure (water pump station reconstruction, serving around 80% of inhabitants). A problem with current high iron in water content is also improved with water treatment equipment.

Project " Mustvee WaterMan: Improving Mustvee water infrastructure and water saving awareness" is is implemented under the European Neighbourhood Instrument and co-financed by the European Union
Project budget is 296473,20 euros and programme co-financing is 266825,88 euro.