Baltic Youth’s visions

Project name:  Baltic Youth’s visions, innovations and initiatives to Green Deal implemented in local communities
Funder: Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) 

November 2022  - March 2024

Project manager: 
Ederi Ojasoo

NGO Peipsi Cooperation Center from Tartu, Estonia
Lithuanian Fund for Nature (LGF) from Vilnius
Air Pollution & Climate Secretariat (AirClim) from Gothenburg, Sweden.

The aim:

The idea of the project is to facilitate the understanding of the Green Deal – a package of European Union policies, and how the principles of such a Green Deal can be applied in everyday life.

The main aim of the project is to encourage young people in the Baltic Sea region to undertake more eco-innovative actions for implementation of the European Green Deal at the level of (and with) local communities. The basis for such involvement is a broadened multidisciplinary knowledge gained in the preliminary steps of the project and exchange of experiences of partnering organizations in further steps.

The project focuses on mobilizing the participation of young people in creating visions of a feasible future (at the scale of households, their surroundings as well as in their future professional work) and scenarios of their realization through appropriate attitudes and skills of choosing solutions.

The project will be realized in four logically thought-out and complementary phases carried out jointly by all Partners.
  • Phase I (2022)- Incubation kick-off meeting
  • Phase II (2023) - Design Workshops- a series of workshops, creative explorations and  discussions carried out by partners with the final exchange of results in the form of a telebridge.
    Generation of ideas for practical solutions, social initiatives and eco-innovations will take place firstly in the form of a panel for deepening knowledge on everyday behavior limiting the ecological footprint, then creativity work on initial project ideas
    - 1st: formative workshops, brainstorming, visions developed in multidisciplinary teams
    - 2nd and 3rd: local meetings to develop the initial ideas, guided by tutors, and in sections on relevant policy fields of the European Green Deal
    - 4th: presentations and discussions on the results of workgroups -> shared online with the Partners
    - 5th: summary and selection of projects to be introduced in each country.
  • Phase III: on-line Application Conference (4 quarter 2023)
    Presentation of the most promising practical ideas and eco-innovations, drafting implementation plans:
    - 1st day - summary of the effects achieved in the project
    - 2nd day - development of the implementation plan for selected practical solutions and eco-innovations, as well as the control of their implementation and evaluation of their effects The event will be open for everyone, including the target group and invited representatives of municipalities and cities.
  • PHASE IV: Promotion and dissemination of results (1-st quarter 2024)
    - Publication of results in the form of a booklet in English/national languages of the partners and a .pdf file published on the web.
    - A manual for the civic budget will be created as a guide for the implementation of activities in the public space.
    - Additionally, an exhibition with the results achieved will be presented.
    - Finally, the plan of practical ideas constituting eco-innovations for the implementation of the Green Deal in local communities will be disseminated.
Project events
  • November 29-30, 2022), as part of the first phase, a two-day kick-off meeting of Partners was held in Gdańsk.