ECOLIT - Economic Literacy

Project name
Mind-opening to Economy. Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy

Project funder
KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Project duration
October 10, 2016 to March 31, 2018

Project local coordinator
Aija Kosk;

Project lead partner

Project homepage

Project partners

Project objective
ADULT EDUCATION: Designing and implementing effective provision for enhancing the basic skills and key competences on economic literacy

Project activities
Local activities:
-Establishing a local project group of trainers and adult learners who will participate in the transnational project meetings and workshops, brainstorming on expectations, needs, interests, questions, ideas on how to make socio-economic learning interesting and attractive,
-Meetings of local participants to plan the mobilities,
-Meetings of local participants to plan and partially organise the meeting(s) which will be hosted by the organisation.

Transnational project meetings:
-1st project meeting, Berlin, December 2016
Kick-off meeting to plan all project's activities. First steps into discussing economy: 1. What means „economy“? 2. What is a market? 3. How to explain the problems of the euro zone?
Methods: sociometry, information charts

-2nd project meeting. Workshop I, London, March 2017

-3rd project meeting, Praha, June 2017
Work on project's results: concept of teaching material, part I
Core questions of debating economy: relationship between market and state
Methods: information charts, sociodrama with pro and contra debate

-4th project meeting. Workshop II, Estonia, November 2017

-5th project meeting, Berlin, February 2018
Project's results: concept of teaching material, part II and revised part I
One chapter of teaching material. Other results.
Final event to present the project and its results (public event)

Skype meetings
- 6 weeks before each project meeting/workshops to plan the meeting including its agenda