Greenmind art co exhibition

The best work of the Estonian-Russian cooperation project "GreenMind" environmental advertising competition is the animation "Hugo and Mona" created by Alison Moora and Marika Risitmäe, which draws people's attention to the water pollution of Lake Peipsi and the need to restore fish stocks.





Author: Sofja Grigorjeva
Age: 15 years old

Message: There is need to protect our land against pollution. From the picture is seen that many companies have negative impact to the nature.


“We all are depending on each other”
Author: Uku Mardiste
10 years old

Message: To fish to much is bad. There may be too few fish left in the lake.


“Privet Kotlet”
Author: Ere Mardiste
Age: 12 years old

Message: By littering the habitats of Lake Peipsi fish on one side of the border, we also affect the other side!


“We all are connected”
Author: Maria Elisa Säre
Age: 13 years old

Message: This artwork is showing how we are digging a hole to ourselves if we are polluting the nature.


 “Who is not driving a car”
Author: Denislava  Popazova
Age: 11 years old
Message: This picture is made to say that people who are not driving a car is right.

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“The nature and the waste is not asking where are the borders”

Lea Saarela

AGE: over 50

Message: The lake Peipsi is a border lake. There is important to throw attention that nature and pollution are not following the borders. We are proud of our nature, but we don´t notice the pollution by the people and settlements around the lake.

“Climate changes are changing the life of the lake Peipsi”

Author: Eve Ojasoo
59 years old

Message: About ten years ago there were not silver heron a common species in the lake Peipsi area. Warmer climate is calling to stay here also new species. It may be true that there are mode silver herons than grey herons in the future.

“Everything that is shining is not a gold – the environmental pollution is not calling before coming”

Airy Genseberg

64 years old

Message: One problem according to the lake Peipsi is a waste pollution. There are hundreds of kilometers abandoned nets and other trash. If we watch the lake, we don´t see it, but fishes and other water animals see.


“Hugo and Mona”

Alison Moora - 15. years old
Marika Ristmäe - 51. years old


Hugo and Mona

The purpose of the animation “Hugo and Mona” is to lead the people´s attention to the water pollution and to the need to increase fish stocks.  

We would like to lead public to think about the pollution, to avoid the water pollution by the people. Plastic and other materials that are not decomposing reach to the fish organism in the nature, stop their development and cause death.

During the soviet time there was an overfishing during the decades, as a result is the fish stock has fallen to dangerous level. The lake Peipsi has been always rich of fish and it is important to maintain its species richness.

"Choose your own view”

Alexandra Milyakina,

Age: 29 aastat


Message: The yellow frame refers to the famous campaign organised by National Geographic: yellow windows are strategically placed throughout Estonia and are used as popular photo spots. One of such frames is also placed in Mustvee, on the shore of the Lake Peipus. The work demonstrates that the beautiful view seen through such frame can change over time due to the ecological problems of the region. The message -- "Choose your own view" is written in a recognisable NatGeo font and aims to call on the sense of the responsibility of the audience.

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