Larp for climate

Project name: Larp For Climate Project, co-founded by the European Union, Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership in Youth.”


Erasmus +; 2021-1-PL01-KA220-YOU-000029241

28.02.2022 - 27.04.2024

To create a long-term international cooperation between LARP designers and environmental activists and educationists. Increase competence in climate literacy among young people (13-30 years old), including supporting the education of people with fewer opportunities and limited access to non-formal learning. Contribute to the development of a high-quality, Innovative and open climate-related curriculum Enable international digital youth work and youth participation by involving young people from in many countries in the online process of creating, adapting and deploying LARP games.


  • Development of 4 learning-Larp scenarios and a supporting toolkit.
  • Distribution and introduction of larps in partner countries: 16 passing through an engaging learning-larp in partner countries.
  • Supporting long-term international cooperation between LARP designers and environmental activists, which opens the door to a new international climate cooperation in non-formal education.
  • Northern and Southern European Edu-LARP communities can exchange their skills and different game design cultures.

22.-26.06.2022 Transnational Project Meeting was held in Krakow, Poland.
14.11 -  19.11.2022 LTT - Learning, Teaching and Training Activity Krakow, Poland.

27.01.2023 Testing of the "Tree of Life" with educators in the seminar rooms of the NGO Mondo
14.02.2023 Testing of the "Tree of Life" in Värska Gymnasium
15.02.2023 "Elu Puu" testing in Tartu Kesklinna School

03.03.2023 multiplyer event with educational workers