Moldova social entrepreneurship

Project name:
Development of social entrepreneurship and employment of young people with disabilities in Razeni region, Moldova

Estonian Development Cooperation

Project duration: 
March 2021-May 2022

Peipsi Center for Transboundary Cooperation; coordinator Margit. Sare @

Eco-Razeni, Moldova ; coordinator Sergiu Gurau

The project aims to create new training and employment opportunities for young people with special needs in Razeni region; and develop social entrepreneurship in Moldova.


1.Two webinars “New products, new services, new challenges“ for Moldova social entrepreneurs;

2. Purchase of equipment for Eco-Razeni bakery and development of new production offering healthy and high-quality bread / culinary products;

3. Development of Eco-Razeni responsive web and online sales;

4. Development of Eco-Razeni social entrepreneurhsip products and services visual identity, marketing (logos, packages, video etc..);

5. Field trip to Estonia for 5 Molodva specialists

6. Organising bread festival in Razeni in cooperation with local municipality;

7. Project closing seminar