Nature education for PwDs

Projekti title: Environmental education and accessibility to visually impaired people in Belarus

Project is supported by:
Estonian Development Cooperation

Duration: August 2017 – December 2018

Project coordinator: Margit Säre, margitsare

Project Belarusian partners: Green Network, Minsk Botanical Garden, Office for the Rights of People with Disabilities

Project aims and activities
The project is focusing on accessible environment and nature education issues for people with visual impairments in Belarus.
We aim to improve the quality of life for visually impaired people through increasing the accessibility to environmental objects and through that also greater involvement in social life.
We work out environmental education paths and
 audio guides for Stepanovski park and the Minsk Botanical Garden and set up tactile infostends and print guides.
We encourage partnerships between Estonian, Belorussian environmental education and people with visual impairment NGOs; also with respective public authorities
Our trainings will improve the skills of environmental educators to work with different groups of people with special needs.

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