A year without a sun

CONTENT: Educational Role Play Game

Creators: Lea Pullerits, Mailin Eessalu, Ederi Ojasoo


The creation and testing of the game was supported by the Nordic Ministers Council project “Building capacity to use role-play games in Lake Peipsi border region as a new tool for increasing the environmental awareness in education ”. 

The game was co-financed by the Central Baltic Program.


It is the year 1816. The small village of Suure-Kaalika somewhere in Europe lives its peaceful life. There are several farms, fields, cattle, people are tired of the Napoleonic Wars and long for a peaceful life again. This spring seems to be a breathtaking time and a new life can begin with a resurgent nature. But there is still something wrong. Why is the sky cloudy and when can the sun shine again? ….

A year without the sun" is an environmental role-playing game that makes you think about what happens when we don't see the sun… The game is aimed more at young people and adults. The focus is on climate change and its effects.

General information:

 Target group: 4.-12. class
Number of players: 5-25
Duration: 1.5h
 Topics covered:
- History
- Resources
- Social welfare, social responsibility
- Impact of climate change



1. A classroom in which each group can sit together around a table and gather to stand or sit together for a joint discussion.

2. Game materials (official print or self-printed): roles, scenes by families, newspaper clippings.

3. Optional costumes

Ederi Ojasoo
Peipsi Koostöö Keskus