Role play games

Role play games

  • Edu-Larp "A Tree of Life" - The environmental educational role-playing game (EduLarp) "The Tree of Life" introduces the principle of ecological balance and the impact of overconsumption on the environment.

    Players take on the role of characters who live in the fictional Tree of Life ecosystem and are a vital part of it. The characters belong to 5 different groups, 2-6 players in each group. Each group has its own place of residence (ecological niche) and role in the overall ecosystem of the tree.
    The central issue of the game is the change in the living environment and the balance of the ecosystem - the conditions for the tree and its inhabitants have worsened drastically, and the players must understand how their actions have affected it and how to restore the well-being of the tree and all of its inhabitants.

  • The allegorical role-play "What's going on there?" - In the allegorical role-playing game "What's going on there?" studied through Estonian mythology characters discussion on oil shale mining. Scenariou in Estonian.
Different characters from Estonian mythology - mermaids, crates, forest fairies, underground and werewolves - are to decide the fate of Estonia. Deep in the earth's crust hides Estonian gold, which many want to get it or are already mining in order to do magic. Others think that magic could be captured from the sun and wind instead. The community gathered under the forest has a lot secrets and connections, even the greatest friends can betray each other, fervently different even those who stand for their views can be bound by love… What does gold mining bring? What and how can this be changed? Who to find your allies in? The allegorical role-playing game "What's going on there?" the discussion around oil shale mining through the characters of Estonian mythology is studied

The game takes place in the future - our planet in 303 years - in 2424. The situation on Earth is poor due to climate change, many species have already become extinct and humanity is looking for a new home on Mars. The spacecraft NOA is about to take off for Mars - Now is the Time, which can bring with it a limited number of species and resources. Different groups - food producers, naturalists, government, giants (corporations), cultural figures - need to agree on which species and stocks to bring. What choices do you make? 

Perseids - this is how the stars of August were once called. See was before people realized the catastrophic effects of greenhouse gases on Earth climate; before the first extinction waves, but also before the first orbital mirrors that eventually rise in temperature at the last minute before irreversible destruction. But the Perseids - it was from this cloud that the rubbish came mirror OCM-18. The mirrors themselves are fine, but the control system did error and slope is now a little wrong and the sun's rays throughout its atmosphere by absorbing infrared they reach Earth. Where thanks to previous generations Idiotic inaction requires only very little to keep the whole carefully rebalance and relaunch the chain of disasters. Which means YOU have to wear a spacesuit and to orbit to repair this cuckoo.

Scenario in Estonian.
Scenario in Russian (includes also roles)
Scenario in English / Roles in English

It is 1816. The small village of Suure-Kaalika somewhere in Europe lives its peaceful life. There are several farms, fields, cattle, people are tired of the Napoleonic Wars and long for a peaceful life again. This spring seems to be a breathtaking time and a new life can begin with a resurgent nature. But there is still something wrong. Why is the sky cloudy and when can the sun shine again? … “A year without the sun” is an environmental educational role-play that makes you think about what happens when we do not see the sun… The game is aimed more at young people and adults. The key issue is climate change and its effects.

Scenario in Estonian.
Scenario in Russian.
Scenario in English.

  • Educational role play game ESTONIA  2121 : Estonia after 101 years.

Which is Estonia in 2121? In the game, we create an intermediate 101-year probability and realistic events and their consequences. We invite up to 10 students group of teachers to take part in the educational role-play that takes place In Estonia, where in the changed climate situation some areas are unviable for people. The players are a team working in a research station isolated from the rest of the world revitalize the affected areas and test new societal and economic model. How to fight pollution, revitalize the ecosystem and to reintroduce species? How do people have to adapt to a changed environment? What could have been done differently during these 101 years to improve the situation? The game the aims are to introduce the goals of sustainable development, to create in the participants emotional communication with game topics, develop mutual cooperation, value humanity, to find and implement solutions, to empower young people, to address them environmental issues in a broader political context, address ethical issues dilemmas, carry out tangible experiments and link what is happening in the game both before and after the event in the current world of current topics and potential ways of personal contribution.

Scenario in Estonian / Roles  in Estonian

Theatrical and self-expression workshops

To help us better understand migration issues, especially environmental migration, we are prepared a comprehensive description of the two workshops. Objective of the program is to develop the empathy of the participants through theatrical activities and self - expression, and to help understand the links between environmental justice, climate change and migration as well as connections to our daily lives.

Scenario in Estonian.