Noa 2424

Now is the Time

Cintent: educational role play game

Creators: Lea Pullerits, Ederi Ojasoo, Mailin Eessalu, Martin Kirotar

Financers: Nordic Council of Ministers and co-financed the Central Baltic Program.

General overview:

There is a future - our planet in 303 years, in 2424. The situation on Earth is poor due to climate change, many species have already become extinct and humanity is looking for a new home on Mars. The spacecraft NOA is about to take off for Mars - Now is the Time, which can bring with it a limited number of species and resources. Different groups - food producers, scientists, government, giants (corporations) and cultural figures - need to agree on which species and stocks to bring. What choices do you make?

General information:

Target group: 4th-6th grade
Number of players: 9-30 (3-6 groups)
Duration: 1.5h
Topics covered:
- Species diversity and species conservation
- Allocation and interdependence of resources
- Food independence
- Social inequality  

Necessary resources:

-  A classroom where each group can sit together around a table and move around easily.
- Game materials (official or self-printed): role, character and group maps, resource maps, global event maps, spaceship diagram.
- Projector if desired

Game materials

More information:
Ederi Ojasoo
Peipsi Koostöö Keskus

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