Content: Õpilarp ehk hariduslik rollimäng

Creators: Lea Pullerits, Mailin Eessalu.

Funder: Põhjamaade Ministrite Nõukogu ja kaasfinantseeris Kesk-Läänemere programm.

General introduction:

It is the year 2081.

Humanity has developed as fast as it did in the 20th century in the last 50 years. After a long phase of denial on climate change, fortunately they came together and took action. By now, a utopia has come to be what some call the sunburn. Cities are greener than ever, with plants grown on roofs and vertical gardens; solar panels provide all the energy needed and more; orbiting mirrors orbit the sun's rays away from the earth, thus preventing the absorption of infrared radiation into the atmosphere and the further rise in global temperature.

Humanity, or at least the vast majority of it, is flourishing.

However, the whole adaptation to climate change is only a carefully maintained balance - a cosmic litter from a meteor cloud called the Persians showed this system how vulnerable this system can be. The OCM-18 orbital mirror navigation system has been damaged, and the MM1 space station, which monitors in-orbit mirrors, has declared a crisis situation and sent out a repair team, whose fast action now depends a lot. In just four hours, the sun's rays hit this mirror, and if the angle is not right, the atmosphere absorbs enough infrared radiation to cross the tipping point and restart the chain of disasters on Earth.

General information:

Target group: 9th-12th grade
Number of players: 4-15
Duration: 1-1.5 h
Topics covered:
- Renewable energy
- Geoengineering
- Social justice
- Ethics
- Allocation of resources
- Social inequality


  • Classroom and smaller segregated space
  • Game materials: role sheets, sound clips, a poster depicting the sun mirror control system and scissors, glue or tape to “fix” it,
  • Computer or smartphone with a speaker. Optional projector, webcam or smartphone to build a video bridge.
  •  If desired, suits, medical equipment (for example, a drip chamber can be built for people with radiation, a drip chamber can be built with hand tools, etc.).
  •  In the case of the longer version it is recommended to have two, in the case of the shorter version one instructor or game manager.
Rohkem infot:
Ederi Ojasoo
Peipsi Koostöö Keskus

Testing the game at LARP festival in Tallinn 07.03.2020
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